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The Soothing Rain

Updated on October 25, 2015

A Little Under The Weather

A touch of a cold

A sniffle and sore throat

Don't forget that nagging cough

All are common in our lives

Feeling not your chipper self

Shake that feeling

I convinced myself long ago

I don't get sick

There were only three times in the past thirty years that have knocked me off my feet

I try to exercise and eat healthy

God has blessed me

So many people struggle day to day with health issues

I don't know what it is like

Occasionally I get a three day sample

Then by the fourth day I am ready to take on the world

What a great feeling it is to be healthy

In many ways I consider it to be wealthy

No amount of money can make ill health go away

Medicine and drugs can keep it at bay

While doctors fix the problem and search for a cure

Unless your body is healthy

Your poor health will return

So today I listen to the sound of rain hitting against the side window of my home

Thinking with each rain drop

Wouldn't it be nice

To wash away all the problems people have

Either a medical problem or sickness

Why stop there

Mental or any problem that plagues the body and mind

Some how I think it wouldn't be long

Before man decides life is too easy

So they would create

Something so sad

That would leave us sick and unhappy once again

Then one day we will ponder

What have we done ?

We have created our own monster

One we can never conquer


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I feel healthy again and so full of energy. I am puzzled the way other people view their own health. They act as if doesn't and it is so important. It should be in the back of our mind all the time. Without our health we have nothing. Thanks and may today be healthy and prosperous.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 2 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Somewhere there deep in the darkest recesses of your closets he lurks and slobbers. Lately I keep him on a very tight leash.