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The Soul’s Journey (Part 2 of 2) - Science Fiction is Literature

Updated on April 18, 2012
Focus | Source
Calm | Source

The following is the second half of a short science fiction story, written in response to the question, Do you consider Science Fiction and Fantasy to be literature? asked bySimeyC


Upon awakening from the hypnotic meditation sessions, I always felt a sense of calm. I couldn’t remember anything specific about the session, but the feeling of peace that I felt was indescribable. Of course Sarah was there; with her radiant glow and my parents were there. I could feel that the sessions had been going well, not only from my own feeling, but from the expressions of my parents and from Sarah as well. Besides, I hadn’t had a scary dream in a week or more.

The Sessions

The continued verbal communications from me, as recorded during my hypnotic meditation sessions are as follows.

“I chose to be reborn, because I had to come back and try to find Julia; and convince her to forgive God, and find peace with-in herself. She and I have paths that we have chosen to follow, and we must follow them if we are to become one with God. (Moment of silence) Each soul in the process of growth must be born into the world and loose all of their knowledge in order to gain knowledge of physical properties, such as time and limitations. They are aware of all possible decisions through out their lives and must choose a path of enlightenment before they are born. Their lives are not bound by that path, but they must follow closely to it or they will loose their way, thus preventing spiritual growth. Many souls are born multiple times, often times to correct their path so the outcomes of all of their decisions help lead to the ultimate goal of reunification of all souls.”

God | Source


I think it was during the last week of the second stage of the treatment that I had a dream. In my dream, God came to me and told me that I had a purpose. He said that I should trust Sarah because she was an enlightened soul who was sent to guide me toward my purpose, and that I would meet a lady who was very special who needed to know what I will know when I meet her. Also that I should tell her that her late husband George and three children are in Heaven with God and that they are watching over her. I awoke from this dream with a feeling of peace like I felt after the treatments.

Stage 3

When we arrived for the first session of the third stage of the treatment program Sarah greeted us as always, and told us that there had been a change of plans. She said that due to the impressive results of the first two stages of treatment; I didn’t need to complete the third, though I did need to attend one last meeting before my treatment would be complete. During that session, she explained to me that God had a special purpose for me, and that I needed to seek out a lady named Julia and give her the gift of Gods love. She said I would know her because she would be angry at God for the loss of her three children and husband.

Julia | Source

Finding Julia

Many years went by and that didn’t find Julia, I always remembered what I knew, and I looked for her, but I didn’t find her. I met many Julia’s, but none of them seemed to be her. I began to think I wasn’t going to meet her or maybe I had missed her somehow. I was 36 when I started having night-screams again. They were worse than I remembered them. They were so vivid and seemed so real, I could hardly sleep, and when I did I would wake in a terror; sweating, screaming, and thrashing around. I could never remember anything about the dreams, only that I was terrified of them. After several weeks with little or no sleep most nights, I thought of Sarah and her instructions to find Julia. I asked my mom where the office was, because I couldn’t remember; I was only 8 when I was there before. I found it with no problem; it was a lot different than I remembered it, but it was still the same company. I had a seat next to an elderly lady who looked at me and said “good luck I been waiting for over an hour”. She was nice enough to point me to the registration desk so I could sign in though. I sat back down beside her, and thanked her for helping me, and told her my name was Dave, she smiled and said “nice to meet you Dave, I’m Julia.” It may have been a bit harsh, but I had figured long ago after the first few Julia’s I’d met, that my first question would be; do you have a husband and children Julia? As soon as I asked, her eyes filled up with tears and she said she did but God took them from her years ago because he was jealous of their love. I said surely God wouldn’t be jealous of your love, because he has the greatest love of all, and if I can prove that he does; would you consider forgiving God for taking your husband and children. She said she wasn’t sure how I was going to prove it but she would like to see me try as she laughed heartily. I slowly and cautiously told her my story and all that I knew about her and her life. I got the feeling she thought I was crazy and just then I remembered the package I was supposed to give her. I told her about the package and asked if I could arrange a way to give it to her. She sympathetically gave me her number with a smirk saying she wasn’t convinced, but she would like to see what I have.

Soul | Source

The Conclusion

I met with Julia once more to give her the package that had been given to me by Sarah all those years ago. I told her that it was important not to open it until she was ready. I never heard from her again until the day a mysterious package arrived at my doorstep. It was an obituary for Julia S. Barrot who died at 102 years of age. It also included the package that I had given to her with a note that said I think you are ready for this now. It was the records of my sessions with Sarah, as I have provided them in my account of these events. I learned a few years later that the company that offered me such effective treatment from my condition was nearly bankrupt shortly after the time I met Julia. And that she donated millions to them, which in turn has allowed them to become the number one mental health center in the world, which helps hundreds of thousands of patients per year, not only find mental health, but also find God and faith in his awesome power.

Note to Reader

Thank you for reading, if you have a moment feel free to vote in the poll or leave a comment. Please remember a writers reward is having readers, if you like any of my content, please share it with others. Have an amazing day!

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    • dmop profile image

      dmop 5 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      RichieGils, I'm glad you enjoyed my short story. Thanks for reading, and for the vote and comment. Have an awesome day.

    • RichieGils profile image

      RichieGils 5 years ago

      I really enjoyed this dmop! I found it to be very thought-provoking, and I look forward to reading more of your stuff. Voting up and following.

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 5 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      Thanks for the vote Bob, I greatly appreciate it. It turned out much differently than my original concept, but I like the end result. Have a great day!

    • Civil War Bob profile image

      Civil War Bob 5 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

      Good hub, dmop. Voted it up and interesting.