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The Sound of Beauty (Part 2)

Updated on June 17, 2017

Part 2

Sitting here in the stillness of the night

I dream of a place filled with pure light

Shining down from above

On the wings of a dove

To descend on my shoulders and not take flight.

I see before me a field of green

Nothing more beautiful have I ever seen

As the mist swirls around

My feet on the ground

Nothing spoils all that lies in between.

And on the hilltop, the grass does roll

Even though it is night, it is not cold

Watching it sway

At the dawn of the day

Creates a sight so beautiful to behold.

Now in the sunshine that the day brings

I feel I could ask for anything

And it would be given

To me, from the Heaven

And with joy inside, I begin to sing

I sing a song of joy and yet of tears

For I am not able to release all my fears

That this dream is not real

And I don’t really feel

The sound of beauty that no one else hears.


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