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The Sounds of The City

Updated on June 15, 2017

From the grass I rise:

On the surface surfing cars,
engaging tremble, a wistful reaching out,
lane jealousy with a show of beeping,
the moaning roaming of a passing HGV,
which trembles bumbles along,
finding a place, drives through winding,
too gargantuan for its own good.

clopping city belle’s choppy walking,
popping a stroppy hopping,
flopping in a mad rush while shopping,
in a knock knock of sound talking,
with a clippety- stop,


continue walloping,
the poor concrete pavement.

Workmen thinking another thing,
need fixing with a smack, bam and tinkering,
clawing and marring the far side of a beam.
Backing up gleefully the eager bleeping,
of a vehicle creeping,
street-side seeing the wee warning,
teatime traffic leaving me reeling,
whilst a jack hammer knocking,
the cawing crows cautiously cowering,
to its caustic coupling of compaction,
amid careful signs posted on corridors.

The bus moving rolling wheezing,
groaning whir and cantankerous,
fizzled stop on the street,
doors jarringly bumped to open
to people pompously stomping on,
and then with a roaring soars away.

the cafe buzzing clinking streams of singing,
silver like mad mini knights fearlessly,
striking finding chinks in each other.
A metal sink a few feet from the grill,
sizzling steaks fizzling,
its gristle sends the senses,
surprisingly subtle sensual,
fusion of elation and desperation,
a dimension of hungers extension.

And the voices good lord!
like a rising and lowering,
crescendo of playful echoes,
quacking of ducks waddling along.
each pulse and ebb,
swaying demented lingering,
low tremble often peppered,
with a whine and whistle,
waves of guffaws and a hawkish crowing.
tremulous but alluring,
humming ever so numbing,
multitude of conversations clashing,
mish-mash of words rolling.

In the city park birds tweeting,
mimic the beeps of the city,
whilst dogs panting through the rough grass,
mixed with tree bark, aloof I sit,
hearing glee sounds of this retreat,
covered by the sounds of the city!

June 12th 2017


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