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The Space Walk.

Updated on October 21, 2009

The space walk





I'm no Ed White
and I surely didn't need a tether
but I took a walk in space today.

I de-accelerated from my projected course
ignition off..I disembarked
from the cramped confines
of my fossil fueled vessel.

in Marachi sandals, cargo khaki shorts
and a Tommy Bahama surf shirt
I faced the bare elelments
of true space.

I entered an alien world like nothing
I had ever experienced before.

God must have set both of his palms
down flat here.
when he pressed out this vast open space
leaving little ridges
and furrows between his fingers.

A sweeping vista extending in all directions,
a mind boggling vacancy all around me
and capped by a bubble of blue,
with a blazing orb set dead center at its apex.

I walked across a field
and could have gone on walking
till I was ninety years old
and still not have reached the edge it seemed.

I was always a city boy
walled in....bricked up...
breathing exhaust fumes for my atmosphere.

I did not know such space existed ,
now I understand why Oklahomans
are long...lean and lanky
they've got room to stretch out here
and to grow without impingment .

Now I comprehend the weathered faces I see
at every last stop.....every restaurant
for the harsh conditions here are not shielded
by any banks of trees or mountains coolness.

The winds blast their heat and dust
and sleet and hail and rains
across the plains without mercy
but it is bountiful..beautiful
it is Ahhhhhh...inspiring.

I cross a small ridge and the expressway
and all evidence of a modern world vanish.

I am back a thousand years ago ,
I stand in a shag carpet of browns and greens
yellows and red clays... I long to lay
in these fields and gaze up immersed in
the clear blue marble above,
chewing on a dried grass stalk and dreaming
as I did when I was a child.

But time taps me rudely on the shoulder
and reminds me that I have to move on.

There's so much more road ahead
and the space that I'll cross will shrink soon
back into cities and small towns.

Tiny confined cells
boxes and alleyways of shadow and sorrow.

But the memory of what I saw here today
is something I will never be able
to shrink into words enough,
or even expand beyond this
when at last I return home
to the tiny habitat where I exist.


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