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The Spherewalker

Updated on May 17, 2013

The Spherewalker

Her mother sat in bed next to her daughter with her hands folded telling her the story of the six spheres. Serena told this story every night when scarlet was little. each sphere remained a perfect distance around the two suns, If any further away or closer no life could be sustained on any of them. The sphere they lived on was called Calic the sphere with the most plant life an all human planet with the exception of forest animals like the Marmakin a small fury animal that likes to burrow underground. The neighboring sphere was called Laical a sphere mostly a rough terrain with many mountains. Not many humans live there because of the sharp mountain rock not much flat ground to live on. The few that are living there except sphere walkers is a race called feathnons very large intelligent bird creatures. The sphere called Horal was inhabited by a race called Giatties; these beings were very feline looking with fur and claws. Maderia was a sphere of water very little land was on this sphere so it was inhabited by a race called Tanti the fish creatures. The last two planets were called sisters because they were closer to each other than any of the other worlds called Lunai and Tunai. Their population consisted of mostly a mixture of reptile beings called Scalen and lots of desert with a few large oasis areas on each world.

“Mother have you ever been to any of the spheres?” She asked after she was finished the night she turned 7. Her mother patted her on the head gently “No one has, except the sphere walkers they alone have the gift to open portals to each world.” Little Scarlet smiled “will I ever be a sphere walker mommy? I want to see those worlds.” Her mother sat up straight and sighed “No sweetheart only boys are born with the gift of sphere walking I’m afraid you can only use your imagination of what those worlds would be like. Your mind can be a powerful thing, use it to its fullest. Good night sweetheart” she kissed her forehead, and tucked her in. the story of the six spheres was always intriguing to scarlet. Whenever her mother would tell her the story scarlet would have dreams of going to all the different spheres. Her favorite to hear about were the sister spheres and the legend of the stone elephant. It is a mighty creature only able to be summoned by great sorcery. The legend says if you sever a stone elephants tusk and hold it in each hand one can become earthlike and safely pass through earth. Unfortunately if either half is released the user immediately returns to normal even if underground.

As scary as some of the stories were there were some that were sad as well like the oracle of the weeping dragon. Her knowledge exceeds that of any being but comes with a price any who seek her guidance must share in her pain for a short while bestowed upon her by a sorcerer she defied. Scarlet believed all the stories to be true no matter how much people told her otherwise especially the sphere walkers. Beings that possessed the power to travel the spheres through a portal they create.

Few sphere walkers have ever been seen so few people believed in them after a while as well. The people on scarlet’s sphere hated sphere walkers, but she was never told why, most people had different reasons. Even her mother didn’t know why they were hated, for she did not hate them at all. Scarlet asked her mother one day why she didn’t hate the spherewalkers, that’s when her mother told her about her father. He was friends with a spherewalker, and he told her there is no reason to fear or hate someone simply because their different. Scarlet’s mother explained she met a spherewalker and he wasn’t any different from her.

The spherewalkers have never had one place to live because of their ability to travel the spheres “could a human ever travel with a sphere walker?” scarlet asked smiling. Her mother thought for a moment and didn’t know the spherewalker she met didn’t say anything about it. Scarlet grew up hearing and believing these many stories. Everyone knew that the six spheres existed, but never knew with any definite knowledge that any other creatures existed on them. Anytime Scarlet mentioned that she believed in anything other than what everyone else did she was ridiculed for it, so she learned to keep to herself.

Most of the townsfolk left her alone about it except the kids her own age; they would constantly fight with her about her father and her beliefs. Most of the tie she lost the fights, when she did win it was only when she got lucky. The Calvin brothers were especially cruel to her, the day she got mixed up with them was the day her life changed. Growing up scarlet always had an affinity for plants. The great vine forest was her favorite place to be alone to think. While growing up near the forest she began to noticed she had power over the vines and leaves. Scarlet would move her hand and the vines would move as well. She knew the gift could scare her mother and the townspeople so she kept it a secret. Unfortunately her secret didn’t stay secret long the day her mother sent her to the market. Scarlet rose with the suns every morning to do her chores and bathe. “Scarlet I need you to go to the market for me I need potatoes carrots and beef ok come down” Scarlet slid her feet out of bed and onto the floor “coming mother.” she gracefully replied throwing on her green summer dress and ran down the stairs.

“Now Scarlet be careful of those Calvin boys they are troublemakers. Try to avoid confrontation if you can alright. Here is the basket and four pieces of silver. Be sure to go to the butcher last the meat will be fresher that way.” Scarlet nodded put on her cloak and headed for town. As she walked along the road to town she danced and moved the grass on either side of her. Thinking she wanted to surprise her mother she opened her palm toward the grass and to roses popped out. Smiling she picked them and put them in her basket. The dirt road from her house to town wasn’t too long but she liked using her powers along the way making sure no one could see before doing anything.

Soon she came to the end of her little trail and had to hide her powers again, she hated hiding them but knew it would cause trouble with her mother and the townsfolk. She was able to make anything grow; control the vines or any vegetation she could feel. Scarlet was afraid what would happen if the villagers found out about her powers they despised anyone different even the sphere walkers. She thought about this while shopping in town but made sure to keep to herself. After she finished shopping Scarlet began her walk back to the house. On the way down the dirt road she saw a cute Marmakin scurry across the road in a hurry. Scarlet raised an eyebrow at it then saw three boys chase after it. Normally she could ignore what the kids in town did but an innocent marmakin they had no reason to hurt.

Dropping her basket scarlet ran after them using her power on the grass to boost her speed. Soon she caught up to them they were tying wire around the Marmakin. “Leave that marmakin alone what could he have done to you?” all three boys turned at hearing her yell, it was the Calvin boys, this made scarlet very nervous. one of the boys walked up to her “or what prey tell will you do about it if we don’t” scarlet began to back away when two brothers started walking toward her “look just let it go ok I don’t want to fight” both boys pounced on her and held her arms. The third crouched down to her face “I asked you a question miss scarlet it would be polite to answer it. What are you going to do about it?” scarlet stayed silent and looked over at the poor marmakin. She knew there was no way she would be able to save the marmakin and herself without using her powers. As much as it pained her to see an animal tortured she slump her head down and replied “nothing” Tears ran down her face as the two holding her let go. The third brother just smiled and said “there see was that so hard your deadbeat dad would be so proud of you.” this comment infuriated scarlet so she unleashed her power against them. The ground began to shake and several vines sprouted out of the ground. The boys stood in awe and frightened while the vines gripped their waist tying them up in the air

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    • yuzuki18 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago this is my new one hope you like it

    • yuzuki18 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      yes i am trying to write them

    • coleikerd profile image

      Cole Ikerd 

      5 years ago

      Great story ideas in here! I do hope you are writing them.

    • khmazz profile image

      Kristen Mazzola 

      5 years ago from South Florida

      What a cool idea!! I really liked this story!!


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