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The Splendor of the Sun

Updated on June 7, 2013

How brightly the sun was shining today

Radiating tranquility and warmth

So pleasingly

Allowing me to dance carelessly

Beneath the rays

Partaking in the brilliance

I didn't stop to question or wonder

Why the sun gave so willingly of itself

I didn't really care because I was

Lost in the moment; lost in the freedom

It happened so suddenly

Without warning sign or clue

The sun had gone

Taking everything with it

All at once I was left without tranquility

The warmth was replaced by a slight chill

My feet no longer felt like dancing

It seemed a betrayal of the cruelest kind

Leaving only memories to grasp; to sustain me

My mind began whirling

Why oh why had this happened

No explanation to find solace in

Only troubling thoughts

That perhaps goodness would never

Be known again

Despair had clung desperately nearby

As if searching for a companion of its own

But it could never compare with the splendor of the sun

It seemed eternity had passed

And many tears shed

Before I was able to glance upward

Where the sun once shown

Being afraid of what would be seen

There could have been nothingness

A blank empty space

But what if- what if

I was wrong

Then suddenly

Without warning sign or clue

A warmth appeared out of nowhere

The sky lit

With a brightness never seen before

I found myself partaking in

Tranquility and warmth

Suddenly my feet began dancing

Carelessly beneath the rays

With a rejoicing heart

Upon glancing upward

It was then that I realized

That the sun had never really left

It had only been shaded

By a big, dark cloud

Passing by...

And anyways...Who am I to complain

When the sun

Doesn't shine?

Lisa Patricoff


Here Comes The Sun/The Beatles


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    • profile image

      SusieQ42 6 years ago

      Thank you. I enjoy the warmth of the Florida sunshine most everyday. Thank God for His Son!!! (and His sun)