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The Spooks

Updated on August 16, 2011

School is over, on the bus

Away from my mother who makes a fuss

In the care of the conductor, Birkenhead bound

At Nan’s stop I will be found

A journey long and much to see

Soon I will be where is home for me

Nan and Grandad what a delight

Snugged up in a big bed at night

Saturday market sights and sound

Around my senses do abound

Home for tea then a special treat

To the ‘spooks’ where souls I will meet

Along with those who see as well

And here I am allowed to tell

Of people many all around

Who to so many are heaven bound

To Nan who knows and see’s as well

These souls are real not something from hell

And yet my mother a woman bright

Has such a fear of those with sight

Go to your room I have heard her say

No more biscuits before bed this day

For what you see you must put behind

Its just an over active mind

There is NO lady over there

With your descriptions have a care

And yet I argue for I see true

The lady there with coat of Blue

Can you not see, just turn around

For to the market she was bound

Her basket on her arm you see

Is just as plain as you are to me

And to the souls who come of a night

They do not intend to give me a fright

They come for help and a loving hand

To guide them to a heavenly band

A band of angels shining bright

Yes just you go towards the light

And so my Nan she then would say

We wont be telling your Mam this day

And was this wrong to a child so small

No it allowed me to see all

Without restriction then I knew

Not everyone sees shades of blue

The blue of splendour blue of light

It guides my sight both day and night

And even though the years have gone

The sight still continues ever on

So thank you Nan for who I became

For we cannot all be the same


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