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The Stalker Files

Updated on April 4, 2015

Always Look Behind You

I always look behind me over and over cause you never know who is learking
I always look behind me over and over cause you never know who is learking | Source

Is He a Friend or a Stalker?

Written By: Cassandra D

Well to start off some guys are harmless stalkers the ones that are looking for a girlfriend but doing it in the wrong way that seem creepy. I have a few of those who would meet me and the drive by my house everyday more than once and if they saw me would just wave.

At first my mike friend now of over twenty years would scare me he was a little older than me and drove a little black truck I hang out with him once and then he went back to my friends looking for me asking my friend tons of questions about me like my number where I live things like that. but after getting to know him he became the best friend I've ever had. I can always depend on him and he's always there for me no matter what as friends.

There Watching

This eye is the center of all attention that is me
This eye is the center of all attention that is me | Source

Are You Aware of Your Surroundings?

Written By: Cassandra D.

Some of us are not aware that there are hundreds of eyes following our every move. In my experience I've actually been followed around since I was thirteen, cars would slowley follow behind me for miles it was very scary.

Till I started getting very mean and actually calling them out of why they are following me it happened so much over the next six years, guys asking to give me a ride and when I would decline they would speed off all upset. I'm now in my thirty and still have to watch every one around me, so I don't become a missing person.

Its got so bad there are people who do daily drive by my house just to wee if I'm out side that don't even know me, I've been followed around stores parking lots fairgrounds even back to my house. So lady's please watch every one around you. This would has become insanely obsessed with pretty girls.

Facebook Stalkers

This is not a journal, diary or planner so dont treat it like one
This is not a journal, diary or planner so dont treat it like one | Source

How You Know You Have a Stalker

Written By: Cassandra D.

OK, now here is the big one. I didn't know this but made the biggest mistake of my life by getting in a relationship with a guy with multiple personality. It was the worst time in my life, I had nothing just got fired from my job was in the hospital and had to sent my daughters dad to jail for trying to hurt me. So my thinking was not clear and one day I meet Ryan he was a couple years younger and I thought he was cute so I got with him.

That did not last very long because he would act very weird just for one minute to another, come to find out he had five different personality. To this day I can not get him to leave me alone and calling the police has been done having him beat up has been done so many times but he returns. I've woke up to him standing at the foot of my bed with an ax. He breaks in my house when I'm there or gone. He sleeps in different places on my property the pump house under the trampoline in my old car in a old trailer.

He come sometimes out of the dark with weapons. Getting a restraining order would be worthless because he would just come back and calling the cops he always gets away and the order would be 75 dollars I can't afford that. At one time he built a shack in my neighbors yard close to my fence just to listen to me. He goes through all my stuff when I'm gone. I have 9 dogs to protect me but he's good with all them they don't even bark at me. One year he would be at my daughters school waiting for me it was embarrassing.

He tells every one were together and were not. Oh also he dresses in girls pants and shirts and carry's a pink back and wishes he was a girl. Its been four years and I can't afford to move. He sometimes is scary so I just let him walk through my house get in my fridge use the bathroom he's there in my house right now wearing a little black top. My boyfriend tried to run him off when he got out of prison but the drama was to much it broke our relationship more. He's ripped up my life, I'm lost and can't be found and no one can help.

Stalkers That I Never Want to See Agian

Written By:Cassandra D.

In my early 20's, I had a very annoying stalker. I was young living sometimes in this abandon house, it was fun like my own. Till one day one of my friends ask to stay there he had no where to go, so I said OK. Little did I know that was a bad idea. There were a couple of rooms in the houses so he took one, after a couple days I would wake up and he had moved all his stuff in my room. So when he was gone I moved it out

Again I awake and his bed is now next to mine and hes staring at me,creepy.Lucky for me right out side was my good friend manual, he stayed in a trailer outside next to a small room with a tower on top that jazz lived in. Manual got him to move out but he still came around for years. Today if his name is mentioned, I ask them to never to say my name around him so he will stay away.

This stalker was my uncles friend in high school he became so annoying, and how got me in so much trouble by calling at all hours of the night he would pull up in to the grass of my front yard and shine his headlights in my front window at 1 am also sit outside my house and honk his horn.

He would tell me to come over and then say in the 5 minutes I there, "Well I got to get going" after I walk across town there. He would always say people are watching him, and do some bird whistle.I barley see him these days and I'm glad.

Then there's Danny, oh how nice he could be but do not let him meet your friends, He;s the type that is so convincing that you barley know him and he ask to barrow money. He gets you saying, "I'll have so ans so call you when I get it' and then he's gone for months.He's the biggest lier I know,

I still have people coming up to me saying "Your friend Danny owes me money" I really don't know how he did it to so many people, even my best friend Cyndi played on a car,when I hadn't see either one of them in months. Its goes to show how having a middle person that is not even aware makes so mush trouble.


Why Always Me?

Written By: Cassandra D.

Having the same car follow you around is scary. So when I suspect a car that is following me, I either walk up to the car, and ask "Why are you following me?" or, I yell at the car to stop following me. There are several cars that drive by my house daily, just to see if I am outside. I have people who tell me these people do this. I've even been the center of couples arguments, that I've never even meet or seen. I've been told by friends of friends.

That I think is totally stupid can you imagine, walking to pick up your child from school, and in a car you walk by,some lady i with there husband, is telling her husband, "There is your girlfriend" and then actually arguing over it. When I have no idea who they are. Or a lady see my status on Face book, because my uncle is friends with her boyfriend. So she thinks he's looking up me, when I never even talked to him.

Give me a break.This crap like that happens at least twice a month that I hear about.

Montage Of Stalkers

You can never tell one day face to them
You can never tell one day face to them | Source

The Obsessive Guy

Written By: Cassandra D.

The obsessive guy is the scariest, they don't want you to leave there side. They also do every thing for you just to keep you around, and when you have to go they get upset. They always are talking bad about your friends and family. He would say "They are just using you and they are lying".

I've been in that situation with a friend. I needed a place for me and my daughter to stay so I moved in with my friend .He then became obsessed with me to the point I had to move out. He started acting like we were married, I never got to see my family or friends. He was always asking 'Were are you going?" " Were have you been?" Then searching my computer, my letters, my phone.

He would buy me and my daughter stuff, I thought he was being nice and I trusted him a lot. Enough for him to hold on to some money for me, for my speeding ticket. Around the time I needed it back he said, " I do not have it, you owe me!" " For every thing, I've have bought you and your daughter". Really he did not want me to have my license, so he would have to drive me every where. Today we are still friends but I try to keep my distance. When I visit him, he always gets upset and says 'Whatever' when I leave.Like a child. I just tell him to 'Grow up'.

First Thought Wrong

Written By: Cassandra D.

I was in my 20's when I thought I found the love of my life I said it was love a first sight we went out in high school and he was just the coolest guy I ever meet. I should of realized the first time he went to prison but no I stayed with him got pregnant again he went to prison the first place I took my daughter was visiting Tracy prison.

He became really weird he picked out my clothes always was watching me from up in a tree he would make camp in my back yard I couldn't even hang out with my cousin. He would follow behind me in his car. He put a gun to my head. He would make up loony story's and role with them. He's broke out my front window in my cars twice while ridding on my car down the road. He's told my mom that all these friends of mine are trying to kill me and my hole family.

He's put a sword to my neck when I was sleeping telling me where is he. But to this day I still love him after ten years I guess I try to ignore all the crazy thing he dose If I put my standards low I don't get so hurt.

What They Really Think

Don't believe this is cute cause bodyguards are trained to shoot
Don't believe this is cute cause bodyguards are trained to shoot | Source

This Is The Sick Truth

This has and will live on and on
This has and will live on and on | Source

How many of us have stalkers?

Do you have a stalker?

See results


Are girls asking to be stalked by what they wear?

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They Know Your Every Move

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Stop the Staring

This is to much
This is to much | Source


Written By: Cassandra D.

1. You wake up and he's at the foot of your bed

2. If he tells all his friends your together

3. If he is waiting for you a your daughter school every morning

4. If he builds a shack at the fence line next door just to hear you

5. If he wear's your clothes

6.If he un screws the door handle just a bit when no ones looking

7. When he breaks things around your house just to fix them

8. When he hide's your phone outside so you can't call anyone

9. When he becomes best friends with your kid so she don't want him to leave

10. If he sleeps in the dirt under your trampoline

11. If he un nails your windows so he can come in when your gone

12.If he takes down your security door and says it's broken

13. If his mother calls your house asking for him

14. If he starts getting mail at your house

15. If he say's to other people oh we got that at our house

16. If he's there and your not

17. If he answers your phone

18. If people come by asking for him

19. When he says you owe me

20. When he wont leave

How They Get There Information

I can say I almost stalked myself this way
I can say I almost stalked myself this way | Source

Stop the Stalking


Creepy People

Coming Soon


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    • BibiLuzarraga profile image

      Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi 

      4 years ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

      Stalkers suck.


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