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The States Of Loneliness.

Updated on April 17, 2010


The States of Loneliness.-by-MFB III


I've discovered something

blatantly obvious in my travels
the world is overpopulated

with so many lonely people
people who have found that

their one and only is only themselves.

They pass each other daily in droves
on the freeways, the streets....
in casinos, hotels and restaurants.

They sit, eat, drink, smoke,

sleep, and live loneliness
surrounded by so many

warm hands just out of reach
and empty hearts that are

just beyond a few gentle words.

Eyes that remain downcast

while all around them
other eyes search hungrily

for what is hidden
behind each shuttered view,

pupils blocked from new quests.

They say that for every person,

there is a perfect match
that love is a fire ignited

by two single sparks
but millions of matches

have sputtered or been snuffed out
under the chill winds of insecurity
or never struck up at all,

like conversations left dangling.

The internets are full of kindling
faces and names posted only

for the comfort of companionship.

You can scroll down through

endless lists and photos
in every state of the union,

or should I say unionless states
in every country around the world.

Electronic crys for flesh and blood...

warmth and feelings.

Have we set our goals to high?
is that slightly chubby lady's

warm smile worth returning?
is that nice guy except for that bald spot,
who just gave you the once over twice
worth a second glance from you?

The world is not all Ken's and Barbies,

its much more Keening and Barbaric.
Most Ken's and Barbies have been

consumed by bronze Gods
who duplicate them in every way,

Just some other Ken's and Barbies.

Birds of fair weather flock together
and what's left are ordinary people,

regular folks, lonely souls
souls never wrinkle,

grow ugly and old,

with sagging breasts
flaccid phalluses,

double chins, and grey hair.

Flesh is fleeting,

both beautiful and plain,
we should perhaps focus

more on the soul of a potential mate.

Souls are eternal,

love originates there,

it too can be eternal.

if we could line up all

of the men and women

who are lonely
face to face, in a pitch black

room for one hour
and allow them to

freely communicate

their feeling to one another
in any way they desire...

do you think they would leave that room
caring so much about

their partners physical status.

Perhaps this could alleviate,

or eliminate most of the loneliness
in the world, but we must first

make the room for the lonely.

Love is a bridge that crosses

a huge gap of solitude between souls,
and you must meet the person

you are seeking at least halfway across
and then go in one of only three directions...

either opposite, and away from,

stand still and ignore the impulse

or come together seeking mutual paths.

There are a few who seek

a final course, and leap
from the bridge between souls 

into eternal solitude.

The saddest unabridged truth

is that most of the loneliest people
in the world are those

who are already married...

two emotionally divorced mates

living in the same house
attempting to lead the same lives,

with nothing left in common.

They forsake love,

ignoring their loneliness
for the sake of a vow, religion

or the children,

and thety just go on, and on, and on...
living in loneliness

sharing two of it's

hollow golden rings.

Then there are the divorced,

who know that loneliness has a price
but marriage is far more costly.

They sit in limbo hoping for

someone better to come along,
but never quite really sure

if that is what they want.

Singles have other singles

they can gravitate to....
as well as being able

to tap into the divorced
or the married but lonely groups.

and yet they remain
most of the time

the loneliest of all.

I have been lonely

at many times in my life,,,
it is an old and dear friend
but it is also a teacher

who has encouraged me
to share in the wealth of

the many others it embraces.

if you are alone,

take a good hard look

at someone else who is alone
make an effort to extend a hand,

or your heart, or a smile,
and some kind words...

You have nothing to fear

except more empty
days and nights of silence,

and the only thing you might lose
is your loneliness.
1.....1.....1....1.....1.....1.....2.........©-MFB III


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      One is the loneliest number that we'll ever do!

    • Debarshi Dutta profile image

      Debarshi Dutta 7 years ago from Calcutta

      This poem captures all the perspectives of loneliness and it has got me thinking about this issue. I wonder, why ..we find ourselves so alone.

      I am thinking about the nature of loneliness and communication.

      The saddest thing is no matter what cause or keeps us lonely..this situation has no answer.

      More or less loneliness is due to lack of what I believe. If all us were equally charitable and had similar notions of piety. None would be lonely.

      For Example,

      people who throng together in the service of GOD or religion in churches, monasteries, for a common cause are not as lonely as we are.

      And it is invariably when there is no unity of purpose and application there is loneliness.

      That might happen within a marriage.

    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US

      happiness is within us and yes there are lots of lonely people, your poetry are thought provoking and nicely written, Maita