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The Sterile Facebook World

Updated on June 21, 2013

Sterile World

I look at comedian Howie Mandel with his fears of touching and fears of being touched and I wonder how does he exist? Yet at the same time I pick up my cell phone not to call someone but to text. I communicate to people I knew in high school by Facebook and I call others on Skype. Pictures are shared on the internet and we don't even go out to get them developed. We have files and folders we keep on the computer or we just burn a CD. Should we want or need to buy something we have the Web. It will be shipped to us. Years ago the grocer was called and an order was filled and delivered to our home.

That fell out of favor as we all went to Super Market. Now sixty years later we can order our groceries by internet and have them delivered. One could sit in a home and never leave it and not be missed. We are becoming a sterile society. Even the morning newspaper can be completely read online. No paperboy. If you want, your mail can be delivered to a drop site and a delivery service can bring it to you. Howard Hughes would be in heaven. I am not saying this is bad, but our children are the ones who are going to suffer. They will no longer get the satisfaction of going out with friends. Social functions as we know them will be a thing of the past. Already teens and adults communicate by texting and emailing several people at once so they don't have to talk to so many. I say we use the services not only to communicate but to set up events where we can talk one on one to our old high school friends and see them in person. I know you will say high school reunions don't work but try it on a smaller scale. Invite that old friend out to eat. Go to a movie. When we talk on line we lack emotion and we miss out on the expressions people make. We miss how their voice sounds and laughter. Lol is not enough. Try it and see if it works. Less we become an old recluse shut-in peeping out the window when we hear a noise outside.


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    • alzel127 profile image

      Alex Zelahy 4 years ago from Indiana

      You are correct I am just wondering if we are losing more than we have gained by creating this all encompassing universe. Just trying to be a devils advocate.

    • profile image

      Amarier 4 years ago

      Interesting you bring that up. I just read about this social networking website that encourages you to actually interact with people in the real world.

      I agree with your article to a point I just wonder if you've ever considered that perhaps online life allows you to maintain you current real world friendships while also sustaining friendships or relations with people you normally wouldn't be able to interact with. Without Facebook would you really even bother to contact an old high school friend?

    • profile image

      Janet Walling 4 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading this. Alex has a great perspective on life. He is a gifted writer and also quite humorous.