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The Sting of Guardian's Love

Updated on November 16, 2012

I am an investment to you and nothing more.

You tell me to make millions

therefore I shall rake in the cheddar until

it becomes melted cheese, stringy, moldy, decomposing,

fruit flies settling in the yellow putty to impregnate

it with maggots.

I shall collect wads and wads of cash and stuff them

into the closet, under my bed, in the heels

of my Reebok sneakers, feed the sick, clothe the hungry

as I've promised you've made me do.

I will cut this cord

and row away against the current

freed from its anchor

as I ram the stern bread down your throat

until your neckline bulges

You shall suffocate on my fortunes of trailing yeast,

milk, yolk, hen that never laid her eggs

and the egg that never was

'till it expires and perishes,

the rats feeding on your doughy cavities

as I spit you out

and pour change down your gullet

until you are like a flaming

pit of fire that never dies.


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