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The Story Of The Ali Baba

Updated on June 3, 2011

The Story Of The Ali Baba

The Story Of The Ali Baba

  The Magic Cave

 Once, a long time ago, there were two brother. Kassim was rich and greedy. His

 brother  Ali Baba, was a kind man. He worked very hard, but he was poor, Every day Ali Baba went to the forest with his donkeys. There he cut wood which he sold in the market.

One day Ali Baba was cutting wood when he saw a big cloud of dust in front of him. It came closer to where he was. Then he heard the noise of many horses. Some people were coming.

Ali Baba was a little frightened. He hid his donkeys behind a big rock. Then he climbed up into a tree. The tree had big leaves, and no one could see him there.

Ali Baba looked through the leaves. He saw forty men on block horses. They stopped just under the tree, but they did not look up. They looked at a big wall of rock a few yards away.

Open Sesame! called the leader of the men. The wall of rock opened wide and Ali Baba saw a large, dark cave. The men took some heavy bags off their horses and carried them into the cave. The bags were full of gold, silver and jewels.

These men are thieves, said Ali Baba to himself. They are hiding the things they have stolen in this magic cave. H saw the robbers come out again.

They climbed on their horses. The chief shouted, Close Sesame! and the door of the cave shut. Then they all rode away.

 Ali Baba Is Rich

 When the air was still and quiet again, Ali Baba climbed down from the tree. He stood in front of the wall of rock and shouted, Open Sesame At once the cave door opened and Ali Baba went inside.

The cave was full of treasure. Ali Baba took a small bag of gold. It was almost too heavy for him to move but he got it outside at last. Close Sesame! he said and the cave doors closed. Then he put his treasure on the back of one of his donkeys. He put some wood on top then he went home.

His wife was very excited and she began to count the gold. There was so much! She as far as a hundred pieces, then she said to her husband.

There is enough to make us rich, said Ali Baba.

Why do you want to count it?''

But his wife was unhappy. She wanted to know just how rich she was. She went to Kassim's wife and asked her for her scales.

Kassim's wife said to herself, Why does Ali Baba's wife want my scales? She always wanted to know all about everything. Before she gave the scales to Ali Baba's wife she rubbed a little fat on them.

Ali Baba's wife ran home and weighed the gold coins. Then she gave the scales back to Kassim's wife. She did not notice that one small gold coin was stuck to the bottom of the scales.

A Greedy Man

Kassim's wife showed the coin to her husband. I thought your brother was a poor man! she cried. But now his wife has so much gold that she has to weight it! Kassim was angry. He went to Ali Baba's house to talk to him.

Where did you get your gold, brother? he asked Ali Baba. Ali Baba had to tell him the story of the thieves and the cave.

Kassim wanted all the treasure for himself. For days he followed Ali Baba into the forest small bag of gold. Kassim hid behind a rock and watched. Open Sesame. said Ali Baba, and the door of the cave opened. I muss remember those words, said Kassim to himself.

Next day Kassim went to the wall of rock and said, Open says-a-me. The cave door opened and Kassim ran inside. Close says-a-me! he called to be in the cave a long time. He wanted to look at all the wonderful gold and silver and jewels.

He picked up a large bag and slowly filled it with lovely things. At last when the bag was full he went back to the cave door.

Open says me! he shouted. Nothing happened. Open me says! said Kassim. Still nothing happened. Poor Kassim had forgotten the magic word. He could not get out. For hours and hours he tried again and again.

 Kassim's Body

Then the door opened, but not because of Kassim. The thieves had come. They had opened the cave door from the outside. They were bringing more treasure.

When the robbers came into the cave, they saw Kassim. They were cruel men. They took out their knives and killed him. They cut his body into small pieces. Then went away again.

Night came and Kassim did not come home for dinner. His wife went to Ali Baba. She told him that Kassim had gone to magic cave.

Ali Baba thought that his brother was in danger. He hurried to the cave. There he found the pieces of Kassim's body on the floor. Sadly, he collected them together and took them home.

Ali Baba had a good, clever servent girl. Her name was Morgiana and she helped Ali Baba's wife in the house.

When Ali Baba came home, he showed her the little pieces of Kassim's body. What can we do? he asked. When we bury Kassim, everyone will see his body is in pieces. They will all start talking. Then the thieves will hear about it and they will know the man in the cave was Kassim. They will learn that I am his brother. They will come here and kill us all.

Leave it to me, said Morgiana.

A Torn Coat

Morgiana knew a clever tailor. She covered his eyes and she led him at night to Ali Baba's house. There in a dark room. the tailor sewed the body together.

No one will know that Kassim was the person in the cave, said Ali Baba to himself. Kassim had an accident in the forest, he told Kassim's wife.

They buried the body next morning. No one asked them any questions.

When the thieves went back to the cave the body was gone!

Someone came into the cave while we were away, said the chief of the thieves. That means someone knows the magic words. We must find him and kill him.

The thieves asked a lot of questions in the town. Did anyone bury a boy that was cut into pieces? they asked. No one knew anything.

Then one day the chief tore his coat. He took it to a tailor and asked him to mend it. He watched the tailor doing his work. He was using only a very small, weak lamp.

How can you sew with so little light? asked the chief.

I don't need much light, explained the tailor. I use my fingers not my eyes. I can sew with my eyes shut. Last week I sewed a man's body together in the dark. He told the chief all about the body in Ali Baba's house.

Lead me there, said the chief. He gave the tailor a gold coin and covered his eyes with a cloth. The tailor led him to Ali Baba's house. The chief took a piece of white chalk out of his pocket and marked a large cross on the door.

Tomorrow, said the chief to his men we will burn down that house--and we will kill our enemy too.

 Morgiana Saves Everyone

Early next morning Morgiana went outside to do some work. She saw the white chalk cross. She did not know what it meant, but she did not like it. She got another piece of chalk. She marked a large white cross on every door in the street.

When the thieves arrived they did not know what to do. Their chief went back to the tailor. Again he paid the tailor to lead him to Ali Baba's house. This time he was sure.

Listen to my plan, he told his men, I shall pretend that I am selling oil. We'll get twenty donkeys and forty oil jars. Each of you must hide in one of the jars. When it is time. I will lift up the lids. Then you must jump out and kill everyone.

The Forty Oil Jars

The thirty-nine thieves hid in the oil jars. Their chief filled the fortieth jar with oil. That evening he knocked at Ali Baba's door.

Good friend, he said my twenty donkeys and I have nowhere to stay. If I give you this jar of oil will you let us sleep in your yard?''

Keep your oil, my friend said Ali Baba. You are welcome. Give water to your donkeys, then come and eat with us.

Morgiana was cooking the dinner. She needed more oil and the shop were already shut. There are forty jars of oil in the yard, she said to herself. No one will know if I take a little.

She took a jug and went into the yard. She opened the nearest jar. Is it time? said a man's voice.

Morgiana was very surprised. At first she thought it was a genie. But she was brave as well as clever. No she said to the robber in the jar. She went to the next jar and the next. The same thing happened. At last she found the one jar that contained oil.

Morgiana took her jug of oil into the kitchen. Good men do not hide in oil jars she said to herself. They are going to do something bad. And I am going to do something to stop them!

She took her biggest pot from the kitchen and filled it with oil from the jar in the yard. She put the pot of oil on the kitchen fire until the oil was boiling. Carefully she carried it out into the yard. Carefully she opened every jar, and poured very hot oil in. Then she went back to the kitchen and finished cooking the dinner.

 The Thieves Are Dead

When everyone was in bed the chief went out into the yard. He lifted the lid of the first jar. It is time he said. There was no answer. The same thing happened the next time, and the time after that. All his thirty-nine men were dead.

The next morning Ali Baba's guest was gone. He seemed to be in a great hurry. He did not thank Ali Baba for his kind welcome and good dinner. He just rode away with his twenty donkeys and his forty jars. Ali Baba and his wife felt hurt and sad. Only Morgiana understood.

Later she told Ali Baba her story. You have saved our lives said Al Baba. You are not my daughter. Ali Baba's wife was very pleased and so was his son. Morgiana was pretty as well as clever, and the young man fell in love with her.

For a whole year they all lived together in peace. But one day the chief came back. This time he wore the clothes and jewels of a rich man. He pretended to be ill outside Ali Baba's house. Of course, Ali Baba invited him in.

That night Morgiana cooked a wonderful dinner. The stranger saw her pretty face and ate her good food. At once he told Ali Baba that he would pay a good price for her.

I cannot sell Morgiana said Ali Baba is like a daughter to me.''

Then let her be my wife said the stranger. Ali Baba's son gave him a black angry look. Ali Baba was very unhappy. No one likes to say No to a guest.

 Morgiana's Dance Of Death

Would you like to marry me, my little sugar-cake? said the stranger. Morgiana pretended she was pleased but her eyes were hard and cold. The stranger tried to take her in his arms. As he did so his coat opened.

Morgiana's quick eyes saw a long knife in his for you she said to the stranger. She went to her room and put on a beautiful dress and a veil of many colors. She carried a little silver drum in one hand and a small knife in the other.

Morgiana danced like a leaf in the wind. As she danced, she beat the drum and waved the knife above her head. She danced round and round. faster and faster. The rich stranger tried to catch her, he wanted to hold her beautiful body in his arms.

Suddenly Morgiana threw herself at the stranger. She buried the knife in his heart.

What have you done? cried Ali Baba.

It is the chief of those thieves, Father; said Morgiana. She opened the dead man's coat and showed Ali Baba the Knife.

 Safe At Last

Now we can live in peace at last! said Ali Baba. And Morgiana saved us all. Soon Morgiana married Ali Baba's son; it was a happy wedding. For a long time they lived together in peace.

After a year Ali Baba felt brave enough to go back to the magic cave. Long grass and tall plants covered the wall of rock. But when Ali Baba said Open Sesame' the cave opened as easily as before. All that treasure was Ali Baba's.

Ali Baba became the riched man in the city. No one was unhappy with him because he never greedy. He built a lovely house for his wife and himself. He bought a farm for his son and Morgiana. He also gave a lot of money to the poor people. Every night he knelt down beside his bed and thanked God for his good luck.                                        


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    • profile image

      jack 5 years ago

      this is a nice story and I am doing a project on it for my class. It is a very good reality story.

    • profile image

      Ihsan Ahmad Sani 5 years ago

      Very nice story.

    • profile image

      Ahmed.shaikh.chisti 5 years ago

      It was nice reality story .

      It mean man should not be greedy when he is rich

    • profile image

      Ahmed.shaikh.chisti 5 years ago

      It was nice reality story .

      It mean man should not be greedy when he is rich

    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 6 years ago from India / Australia

      Interesting story. Enjoyed reading.

    • chamilj profile image

      chamilj 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Nice story. I remember this story was told to me by my grand father when I was a child.

      Voted up!

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Very Educational Stories. God Bless You. Great Hub.