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The Story of Chimidyue

Updated on November 13, 2013

The Amazon River glittered like pieces of diamonds in the shimmering reflection of the sun. It was a scene that captured the heart of the people residing at the bank of the river which captivated their hearts every morning. The river had become part of their lives; furthermore, their witness on how they lived their lives. Perhaps, when someone would accuse them of living a disgustful life, they were reluctant that this river could defend them in court that they live meaningful and joyful with their family. One of those who decided to spend all their days near the river was the family and relatives of a girl named Chimidyue who dwelt in the big pavilion-house called maloca. They were once a typical family who were happy and contented; however, an incident happened.

“Chimidyue!”, called her mother while cooking. An innocent child came near and said, “What can I do, mother?”.

“Tell your father to come, hurry!” The mother tried to recite the words clearly. The girl hurriedly went outside of their house to look for his father; however, she did not notice her mother’s hard grip on the wood and unable to catch her breath.

When she came back to tell her mother that she did not see him, it was already too late when she realized that her mother was in bad condition. She found her lying on their floor. She shouted as loud as she could while the tears were dropping on her eyes. Then, she just remembered people coming toward them.

Staring at her mother lying on the bed with a leaf, placed on her forehead, she could not stop her tears fell from her eyes. She decided to go outside their garden where no one could hear or restrain her as she burst out her tears. She missed her mother so much. It was quite a numbered of days since her mother could not move her body. Lot of physicians had already consulted her, but unfortunately they found no caused of her sudden sickness.

Then one day, a big morpho butterfly stopped in the garden to taste some of the nectars of the flowers dancing gracefully. As she was busy savoring the juice of the flower, she heard a cry of a child. She took a look at the owner of voice that disturbs her. The child was now wiping her tears with her bare hands while she hiccupped. She was moved by the sadness in the face of the child until finally, she went toward her.

“Oh child, what makes you cry in such beautiful day? Tell me. Who knows I will be the answer of your heart’s desire.”

The child looked at who was speaking, but she had found no one. Suddenly, she felt something gently touched the palm of her hand. She tried to sweep it away but when she looked at it, she found a big morpho butterfly resting on her hand while its brilliant blue wings flapped. When she heard it spoke again, she could not believe her eyes that she was witnessing a talking insect. She admitted that she always heard about it from her elders telling stories but never it came to her mind that it was reality. In a moment, she forgot the sadness deep in her heart and what was present was amazement, with a little fear.

"What caused your gloomy face?", asked the butterfly again.

Then the memories of her mother flooded again on her mind. She told the butterfly about what happened to her mother. "I miss my mother and I want her be back now, but how?", she said sadly.

The butterfly was deeply moved by her story and she told the girl that she had the power to heal her dying mother. The eyes of the child glowed upon hearing the good news.

"But there's a condition, my dear. The one asking for help will become one of us and you should live with us. It's the agreement made by the goddess of insect because of the pitiless haunting of humans to our types and also for destroying our homes. Now, are you going to accept the deal?", the butterfly asked sadly.

Chimidyue wondered why was the woman was sad in saying it, well in fact, it was a very good idea. She would become a butterfly. Wings would grow on her which meant that she could fly and not be tired of walking when her mother asked for errand. Then, she would proudly tell her playmates in Amazon that she could fly. More than that, she would have her mother back. She liked the idea and without hesitation, she said yes to the morpho butterfly whose wings became more radiant as the sun reflected.

"Okay dear, your wish is my command, but never forget about the deal."

The child hurriedly went home to see her mother and announced the good news. She ran as fast as she can until she felt that she was like floating in the air. She did not notice that she started to transformed into a butterfly. Seeing her mother standing and taking steps toward her father, she happily announced that a big morpho butterfly healed her mother. However, no one seemed to listen to her. She wrapped her with her arms, trying to show how grateful she was of her recovery. Sad to say, she saw not arms but little blue wings; only during that time she realized that she already became a butterfly, her deal with the butterfly.

She flied and flied passing her mother's eyes trying to catch her attention; however, her mother just swept her away with her hand and she was hit, which made her fall and stumble. She realized there was no point of making a move because they would still not believe that she and the butterfly were one.

She walked away, thinking that by doing so would lessen the pain he felt; but she was wrong. The memory of her mother ignoring her presence pierced her heart so much. A tear of pain dropped again from her eye. Then, the morpho butterfly came toward her and said that it was time to go. She wanted to say goodbye on them; however, she could not help herself but just looked longingly at a distance her home who showed her love and care in all her years on earth. Everything seemed to become memories now, she thought as she moved to her new home in Gardenia, the city of butterflies where she would live her life now.

Indeed, Gardenia was truly a place to cherish. It was the only city which its wall was bamboo trees dancing, accompanied with the music of the wind from the North which give a cold breeze in the city. Great number of butterflies, as well, danced and jumped from one flower to another, playing with the leaves while enjoying listening to other butterflies singing a melodious song. Everyone in this place seemed to always feast. All creatures living here seemed to be always in joy, but it was not for a little morpho butterfly, Chimidyue. As all creatures had some fun, she was under the Acacia tree looking sadly at the flow of the river trapped by the rocks.

Blue Morpho Butterfly


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