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The Story of Miles Knight -- Book review and Interview with Author Lance Knight

Updated on January 27, 2015

Just imagine an Author tracing back five generations and feeling himself on the suburbs of Dublin, circa 1747.

The doctor arrives on time to deliver a baby, which is born with complications, but with a mission of his own. The language is hard to understand. We can go even further and find the first druids and Celts of Cork. Nonetheless, let's delve into the story and reconnect ourselves with this particular scenario that is not taught with the best imagination at hand. By the way, this is an attempt to review three books: Miles Knight: The Immigrant, Miles Knight: The Patriot and Miles Knight: The Saboteur. How can we approach the story as one? Let's find out!

We do not forget the Coauthor of these books, Raymond D. Mason


Research and reading

We check the books and do research, then comes the semi conscious trip to the past. All the info is loaded into our inquisitive mind. We already feel comfortable with the images and facts

We join Ron Knight A.K.A. Lance Knight, the author.

Let's see where we can find him today...
A satellite remote viewer from one of the NSA's bays finds him in Texas, but quickly transfers himself toward Moore's Creek, North Carolina
As we pan down, we see him walking the area and catch up with his strolling. His emotional mood is sensitive. He grabs a leaf and smells the fragrance. He tries to pick up the footsteps left by his 5th Great Granddad: Miles Knight. Ron's mind catches all kinds of words and blurred images from the past, then a voice starts a narrative process -- Like a guide from that time.


The Immigrant

Miles Knight, Lance Knight's 5th Great Grandfather. Born in 1747, near Dublin Ireland, to a beautiful mom, Becky, was a loyalist to the human race. God was generous enough to let him survive at birth. His father, Sean, was a hardworking man who loved his family. This is why Miles was a larger than life character who was morally straight, charismatic, engaging, brave, and loving defender of the less fortunate.

At 17 he is faced with death: his parents are massacred with no pity. Miles gets revenge by helping authorities in finding the murderers' whereabouts, but Miles has to pay a price... leave his homeland for good. Miles Knight sails to the American Colonies as an indentured servant. His indenture contract was purchased by a gentleman tobacco farmer named John Mead from Connecticut.
Miles quickly adapts himself to life in this colonial America.

Cover of "The Immigrant"
Cover of "The Immigrant" | Source
The Patriot book cover
The Patriot book cover | Source

The Patriot

After having established his own farm and family, Miles is drawn into the fray of uprising against the British rulers of the Colonies. Taxation without representation is only one of the grievances of the colonists. Having fought to defend his property and family against hostile Indians and corrupt Loyalist officials of the British, Miles Knight proves to be resilient and determined to survive and thrive.

Miles Knight is a big man, standing six-feet-five inches tall and weighing two-hundred-forty-five pounds. His normal cheerful, Irish lilt and lovable disposition belie his dormant Irish warrior spirit. Having grown up in Ireland and been bruised by British rule for many years, he like most Irish people has an affinity for the underdog.

He cannot abide the bullying of the underprivileged in society, and the offender, if Miles is present, is quickly and decisively brought to account ... we will witness the good, the bad and the ugly of society, vicious battles with enemies of the family. We will be surprised by the uncompromising values and traits of Miles Knight in this 'new world'.
Mr. Mead ultimately adopted the young, Miles Knight, into the Mead family who had years before adopted an English baby named Mary Ingles. Miles and Mary fell in love and were married in 1771, at which time John Mead gave them a 200 acre farm in North Carolina, as a wedding present.

He also gave them a black slave by the name of Big Boy. Miles immediately freed Big Boy and asked him to come south with them to North Carolina where they created a fine plantation from the acreage.


American Revolution at its core!

American and ancestral history is woven into this fictional account of the life and times of Miles and Mary Knight. The tapestry reveals the kinds of lives colonial Americans experienced as they were suffering high taxes and other excesses at the hands of the despotic Britons.
Even though much of the American citizenry was sparsely populated in remote farms and villages, the siren call of American Patriots grew louder and they resisted more violently the aggression of the British Army and Navy.
The Americans who were loyal (Loyalists) to the Crown were ostracized and hated by the Patriots as traitors because they worked and fought on the side of England.

Even some Cherokee Indians fell into this category for helping the loyalist army.
So, even with the success Miles, Mary and Big Boy had with the new farm/plantation, they were being inexorably drawn into the conflict. John Mead became Brigadier General John Mead per appointment by Thomas Jefferson.
Miles was inducted into the 10th North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Army by John Mead.

We certainly experienced the mystery, the fighting, the indecision and the joys of these young American Knights as they firmly plant their lives into the soil and the pride of the American fight for freedom and independence from a repressive, domineering, occupying force called the British Empire. Lance is already on his computer, writing and researching history as we know it. Suddenly, smoke from the screen engulfs the room. A loud sound is heard -- A thunder light hits so close to Lance's window.

Lance starts typing....

Cover of "The Saboteur"
Cover of "The Saboteur" | Source

The Saboteur

"Miles Knight: The Saboteur" depicts life and warfare in the days of the American Patriots as they fought against all odds and the mighty British Empire, to gain their freedom and independence from the oppressive policies of Great Britain, including unfair taxation and lack of representation in the Kings Court and the British Parliament.

On this third installment we come to understand the difficulties of travel and communication in that heavily forested and vast land of colonial America. The reader's will be made privy to the daily lives of the sparsely populated countryside. The tools, food, housing, weapons and methods of making a living are brought forth in some detail. "Miles Knight: The Saboteur" focuses on the 'Battle of Moore's Creek' in and around Wilmington, North Carolina.

Miles Knight's contribution to that effort is told in great detail. Relations with Native Indians and Negro Slaves is dealt with from the standpoint of kind, considerate and loving Christian actions. 'The Knights' of Colonial American, having been mistreated in Ireland for centuries by Great Britain, are quick to aid in freeing, educating and socializing with any and all people who are dominated and abused by those in power.
The words leave the screen and synchronize with us. Suddenly we see Lance kneeling down and praying to the almighty. As vivid witness, we face a surprise, an arrow reaches our shoulder and we fall on the unselfish forest in pain. Miles comes to the rescue. Three Negroes from Unit 7, surround us, and decide to save our lives! For the first time I hear them mumble a broken English!

General Washington at Valley Forge
General Washington at Valley Forge | Source
The Author, Lance Knight
The Author, Lance Knight | Source

Interview with the Author -- no filter

How are you Lance??

Fine Joseph. This was an awesome intro!

Was asking you... I almost forgot it! What or when you felt the need to write, Lance?

Ah yes! Well, first of all, I must tell you that I was unwittingly suffering from Major depression until I finally was treated at the VA hospital in Houston. Eventually my emotions settled and I began to journal...

1968, you entered or were hired by NASA. Oxygen testing and the latest in space suit? Not too bad!

Yes, straight from the USAF where I was a physiological training instructor. Worked for NASA at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston as an Oxygen Equipment Specialist/Rescue Technician.

So awesome, that's a resource for a new book for you..!

Hadn't thought about that but yes. I was directly involved with Apollo 11.

The Apollo1 crew
The Apollo1 crew | Source

So, where were you in January of 1967, when Apollo 1 tragically caught on fire?

I was stationed in Del Rio -Texas, at Laughlin AFB, with one year to go before discharge. We were keenly aware of the danger of working with/around 100% oxygen...highly flammable/explosive.

I can imagine! Now back to 1778, great granddad John was born, talking about John Knight... was he a wealthy man? Tell us what happened to his dad. When did Miles actually die?

There are statements/some records that indicate that he he died in a British Prison ship off North Carolina, circa 1780. But then other records show that he was promoted from Pvt. to Sgt. after that time...details are somewhat scarce so I fictionalized a bit from there.

What city or borough was Miles born at? 80 kilometer from Dublin in Cork country I guess?

Joseph, honestly I don't know exactly where he was born or who his parents were. was not able to find that information so far. I fictionalized the beginning of his life in Ireland -- may have been England -- but someone said he could've come to America as an indentured servant and was bought by John Mead of Connecticut.

At one point during the three year search I found a census that showed the Mead family had included Miles as one of their children. By the way, there are records that give evidence that Brigadier General John Mead was an historical person.

Back to the future -- Life as a salesman. New Oldsmobile models, a tie, a suit, the greeting -Tell us about it!

Well I'll try to make this brief in view of the fact that it covers so many years. But I always wore coat and tie when I was a Life and Health Insurance agent, and also in car sales. "Welcome to Bill McDavid Oldsmobile, have picked out the car you'd like?"

Are you interested in reading more?

See results

Pretty interesting Ron

Retail car sales involves a lot of walking and talking out among the hundreds of cars available.

That was a good source of good income!

Yes it was a good income, especially when I became one of the finance managers at $90k-$100k per year.

That was a blessing!

And a curse...very long hours...little time with my family. Lost my wife to divorce in 1982, but still made a lot of money until the car business suffered severe decline that same year.

Tell us a little about the next book in the making... the avenger?

The Avenger is in work but will show the pain and progressive frustration of Miles as he deals with the evil of men that seem to take the lives of those most dear to him.

His best friend, a double agent, was arrested by the British and imprisoned, so Miles is desperate to find him before he is either hanged or dies from maltreatment. Much will be told(truth) about the terrible treatment of prisoners on those so called, 'Hell Ships' that the British used.

Who would you love to play Miles knight, if this series is ever picked up for a movie in 2026, celebrating the 250th year of our country? Thinking ahead here!

I picture him as a big fellow; blond, 6'5" and 230 lbs. I thought of several actors, including Liam Neeson. Miles is gregarious and friendly with an infectious smile. Very Irish.

Anything to add to these wonderful series?

In a later book the readers/audience will continue to be amazed as I reveal another historical family figure named 'Captain Newton Knight', circa 1861.

Thank you Lance!!

Thanks so much Joseph!!


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  • CMCastro profile image

    Christina M. Castro 23 months ago from Baltimore,MD USA

    I enjoyed this overview of the writer Lance Knight and his historical books. I look forward to reading his books, not only because I enjoy reading about history and because I am also Irish. Lance is an excellent writer and someday will be on the big screen, thanks to you Joseph De Crosse

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 3 years ago

    Appreciate the comment DDE! Lance Knight has lived an interesting life as well!

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    A great review from you and very interesting about the author and the title.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 3 years ago

    Thanks so much Eiddwen! Appreciate the reading! Happy new year!

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

    A brilliantly written hub and wonderful read. Very cleverly constructed.