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The Strange Case of the Mysterious Neighbor

Updated on April 15, 2017

The Mysterious Stranger

The Mysterious Neighbor
The Mysterious Neighbor | Source

Part One: The First Sign.

Tim was sitting on the front porch as his mom pulled her four door sedan into the driveway. He was bouncing his ball on the ground and catching the ball with each bounce.

"Tim, come help me with the groceries." Mom got out of the car and opened the back door.

Tim lobbed the ball onto the lawn and walked toward the car.

"Did you do your homework?" Mom handed Tim a full bag.


"I told you to do your homework before you go out and play." She said in a stern voice, "Now bring that bag inside and go do your homework."

As mom turned back to the car to fetch another bag, she saw the new middle age neighbor in the front yard. The new neighbor was a tall slender brunette, wearing sun glasses. She had a bob hairstyle.

"Hi," Mom waved. Mom was a few inches shorter than the new neighbor. Mom's hair hung straight down almost to her shoulder.

The neighbor waved back and went inside.

Mom brought a bag of groceries into the house. She put the bag on the table beside the other bag Tim had brought in.

Tim was in his bedroom doing his homework. His cell phone rang. It was his friend Jerry from two doors away.

"Hi," Tim said. Tim had a crew cut and was about four feet tall.

"Hi. I see we got a new neighbor."

"Tim!" Mom yelled.

"I can't talk now. Bye." Tim put his cell phone away.

"If I have to tell you one more time, you'll be grounded. Understand?"

Tim shook his head up and down.

"Now give me your cell phone." Mom demanded.

Tim handed her his cell phone.

"Do your homework!" Mom emphasized each word.

An hour later Tim heard a tap on the bedroom window. He pulled up the shade. "Jerry, you're going to get me in trouble. We'll talk tomorrow." Without giving Jerry a chance to respond, Tim pulled down the shade.

Tim wondered what was so important about the new neighbor. The new neighbor's name was Miss Allen.

After completing his homework, he pulled up his window shade and looked in the neighbor's window.

The neighbor glanced at him through the blinds she had just put up. She was still wearing the sun glasses. Her body became transparent for a few seconds and then disappeared. Then the blinds closed. Tim rubbed his eyes; not believing what he saw.

Part Two: The Plan

Tim was bubbling with excitement. He wanted to tell his mom what had just happened. But he was afraid she would not believe him. He laid restless in bed that night.

The next morning, mom gave Tim his cell phone. He ate and ran out the front door. He met Jerry on the front sidewalk. Jerry had red hair and was freckled faced.

They were so excited they both spoke at once

"You first." Tim said.

"Last night I saw a her in her room. She seems so weird."

"What happened?"

"She was floating in the air!"

"Last night -- one moment she was by the window then suddenly she wasn't then suddenly she was there again. "

"I'll bet she is from another planet . . . like Mars!"

"Or Venus!" Tim said.

"Should we tell the kids in school?"

"They'll think we're nuts!" Tim paused, "Wait a minute. What if we took pictures with our phones?"

"For what?"

"To show that we are telling the truth about her."


"Except that we'd need a video.. . And I have a cell phone. We'd have to use your smart phone." Tim said.

"No problem."

Though the boys did not see her, Miss Allen was watching them from her bedroom window.

Part Three: The Bully

As they continued walking toward the school, Tim saw a tall black haired boy walking toward them. "Let's cross the street." he told Jerry.

They began to cross the street.

The tall black haired boy also crossed the street. His name was Charles and he wanted what he always stole from Tim every morning: Tim's lunch money.

"Tim, hand it over." Charles demanded.

Tim took a deep breath. "No."

Charles grabbed Tim by the shirt and and lifted him off the ground. Then he reached into Tim's pants pocket and pulled out three dollars. "Is this all you have?"

"Let me go!" Tim shouted.

Tim was surprised when Charles let him go.

Charles was staring at someone behind Tim. He pocketed the money and walked away. The three dollars was hanging out of his pocket and dropped to the ground before Charles was a block away.

Tim ran and picked up his money.

Jerry turned around wondering whom Charles was staring at. But he did not see Miss Allen.

Part Four: The Neighbor

After school, Jerry and Tim were walking home. They spotted the neighbor walking away from the front door of Tim's home. Jerry hid behind a tree and took out his smart phone.

"Hi ,Tim" The neighbor said, "My name is Miss Allen."

"Hi," Tim replied.

"Your mom is very sweet. She dropped off a fruit basket at my front door today. I knocked on your door to thank her."

"Oh. Ummmm. She is at work. She should be home in about a half hour."

"Thanks. I'll drop by when I come back." Miss Allen continued walking passed them.

Jerry came out from behind the tree.

"Did you film her?" asked Tim.

"Of course I did." Jerry replied, "Hang on. I'll show you." Jerry fiddled with his smart phone for a moment. "Here. Watch this." He paused. "Nothing!"


"The video -- It captured nothing. It's a blank."

"Maybe it's a problem with the phone."

"Maybe." Jerry filmed a man walking across the street and then viewed the video. "Nope. The camera's fine. What the heck?"

Miss Allen heard the conversion as she walked away from the boys.

Part Five: The Robbery

"Well, I'd better go in and do my homework." Tim said.

"Okay. See you tomorrow."

Tim climbed the porch of his home and reached in his pocket for the house key. He unlocked the door and entered the kitchen. After placing his books on the table, he opened the refrigerator door.

Suddenly Charles came up behind Tim and put his hand over Tim's mouth. He reached in Tim's pocket and grabbed the money. Then he let Tim go.

"How'd you get in here?" asked Tim.

Charles ignored the question. He held up Tim's e tablet.

"Give it back!" Tim yelled.

"It's mine now." said Charles as he turned toward the front door.

Tim tackled Charles and brought him down to the floor. Tim grabbed his tablet but was unable to free it from Charles hands. "Give it back!"

"Never!" Charles replied.

Someone knocked on the front door. Tim got up and opened the door to find a police officer standing there.

Charles got up with the e tablet and headed for the open bedroom window. He was about to climb out when Miss Allen appeared at the window. She stared into his eyes.

The officer arrived in the bedroom.

"I caught this boy forcing this window open. He was trying to steal the e tablet." Miss Allen said.

The officer listened to Tim's version of what happened and then put handcuffs on Charles.

Once again, the money fell out of Charles's pocket as he was led out the front door.

Tim picked up the money and turned to Miss Allen. "Thanks."

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

Tim's mom was outside talking to the officer. She came inside after the officer left.

She looked at Miss Allen and said, "Thank you very much for watching out for my son."

"Thank you for the fruit basket." Miss Allen replied.

"You're very welcome." Tim's mom replied.

Miss Allen waved to them both and walked out the front door.

Part Six: The Realization

Tim did not know it when Miss Allen walked out the front door; but he would never see her again. He thought about her a lot. He now knew that Miss Allen was protecting him from Charles ever since she first arrived.

One day he asked his mom, "Why did she protect me from Charles? I never did anything for her."

His mother sat him down in one of the kitchen chairs. She held his hands while speaking to him. "She was very kind and cared for you in a special way." Mom paused, "You know ... My mom use to say that we each have an angel watching over us. Maybe she was your angel."


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