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Because I Was Here

Updated on August 19, 2015
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Robert Shaw - A loving husband and father of 3 awesome kids. With a passion for Faith, Writing poetry, Technology and Playing Guitar.


Because I Was Here

The Sun beats down on my face.As the sound of the surf punishes the shore, re-shaping both the coast and my soul.

The cold winter wind carrying thousands of tiny sand daggers,a whips across my neck and face. Drowning out the sound of the car horns and city commotion that exists as real as any other memory I have.

And like any other day the Sun slips gracefully below the horizon in it's dance of red and violet. But today's is more beautiful than yesterdays, because I was here to see it.


About this Poem

Because I was here is a poem that I wrote on Sept. 12 1999 while in a Hotel Room in KC Missouri.

It is a simple reflection on sitting on the beach in the middle of winter. One of my absolute favorite things to do.The summer season had been winding down and I was looking forward to the quiet and serenity of sitting in the sand taking in God's majesty. I find it has a way to re-setting perspective and removing accumulated gunk from ones soul.

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© 2015 Robert W Shaw


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      Lee Cloak 2 years ago

      A beautiful poem, makes for a really pleasent reading, thanks for sharing, best wishes, Lee