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The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow

Updated on November 3, 2013

I've survived another manic night of terror, violence, and distant SCREAMS.

Restless nights of worry, only worsened by horrific DREAMS.

Yet, I can find moments of tranquility, no matter how distressing my present state SEEMS.

For I know, that in the morning, I will be greeted by the sun and its mighty BEAMS.

I've done bad things, stole, and lied to people dead in their FACE.

Somehow I was in denial, thinking I could forever elude this PLACE.

I'm here confined in a CELL.

Sentenced to 10 years, the only place worse would have to be HELL.

I survived years of close calls, but my acts finally caught up with ME.

The only positive constant is the beauty of the sun that I live to SEE.

At times, it seems that the sun is really all that I HAVE.

Some moments, I'll gaze at the sky, briefly let my mind roam free, and LAUGH.

As the sun sets, I become saddened by the things I MISS.

Like seeing my son's face and feeling my wife's KISS.

When the lights go out, often all I do is CRY.

I really hate myself, for being here, though I know all the reasons WHY.

Still, I find a way to make it through all of the heartache, regret, and SORROW.

I hold on to the fact, that the sun will shine TOMORROW.


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    • StaceyKay profile image

      Stacey Kay 4 years ago from Upstate Ny

      I love the positive way of thinking you have, even though it sounds like you are or were at one time in a very difficult situation. It's always better to stay positive, but sometimes that is much easy said than done. Very nice writing style as well :)

    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 4 years ago

      This is a strong piece. It's looking forward to the next day that makes hope possible. Thank you Man of Strength.