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The Tale Of Sinbad The Sailor

Updated on April 22, 2011

The Story Of The Tale Of Sinbad The Sailor

  When I was still quite young, my father died and left me all his money. I bought a

 ship. I paid a captain and some sailors to work for me. I was sure I was going to make a lot of money.

We sailed far away across the sea. At last we saw a small island. It wasn't very big: just a yellow beach and a few small plants. Some of us decided to go on land. The captain was asleep. We did not wake him. Two of our sailors took a big wooden barrel full of dirty clothes. Perhaps there is fresh water on this island, they said. It will be good to wash our clothes in fresh water again!''

We lit a fire on the beach. Suddenly we saw some water shooting up into the air. It flew up, higher than it dropped down again. I closed my eyes and rubbed them. When I opened them again I could not believe what I saw.

 The Island Comes To Life

Suddenly we heard the voice of the captain. He was awake now. and he could see what was happening.

Come back to the ship! he shouted. You are in horrible danger!

The island is moving! a sailor shouted. We ran to our little boat. The ship was sailing away from us, and the island was going down. Already the yellow beach was smaller.

We are on a huge fish! one of the sailors cried. Our fire has woken it!

He was right. The was no island. It was the sleeping body of a huge fish, the largest fish in the world. For years and years it slept; now it was awake, and it was also in pain. Its huge tail flew up into the air and fell on our little boat. The boat broke into a thousand pieces. I was frightened. I thought I was going to die.

Do you know what saved my life? It was that stupid barrel of dirty clothes! I saw it beside me in the water, and I held on to it and climbed in. The sailors went down with the huge fish to the bottom of the sea.

 The Strange Church

The ship was far away. I was alone in the wide, empty sea. I do not know how long I was in my barrel, but at last I woke up on a wide white beach. Where am I? I thought. If I climb a tree, perhaps I can see something.

I climbed a tree and looked around. Far away I saw a huge shining white dome. There must be a church over there! I cried. I walked very fast on my poor, tired legs, towards the dome.

When I arrived I found no doors or windows. The whole dome was as white and smooth as an egg. I did not understand it.

Suddenly the sky grew dark. Was it a rain cloud? I looked up and saw a huge bird, larger than the biggest cloud you have ever seen. It was a great giant of a bird: the largest bird in all the world. Then I realized what it was-the church was a bird's egg!

Before I could run away the bird flew down and sat on its egg. I was a prisoner under its great hot body. My turban fell off my head.

That made me think of a plan. I tied myself to the bird's foot with the cloth of my turban. I prayed to God to help me, and then I went to sleep.

Snakes And Diamonds

When I woke the wind was blowing past my ears. I was hanging under the bird's foot. There was nothing except empty air between me and the ground!

Every beat of the bird's great wings was carrying me higher. I looked down and saw the egg. It looked as small as a toy. I shut my eyes again and began to pray.

Up and up we went. The air grew thin and cold. When I opened my eyes, the bird was flying slowly, very close to the ground. I untied my turban from its foot and jumped down.

I fell into a strange, lonely place. There were black rocks everywhere: no trees, no grass, no water. I cried to God, Oh, Father, why did you save me from the sea?

Was that death too gentle for me?

I looked round. There were great walls of rock all around me. They were very high and there was nowhere to climb up. I was sure I could never get out.

Suddenly something moved beside a rock. It was a snake. I saw many more snakes asleep on the hot rocks.

One of them woke and began to move towards me. I picked up a stone to throw at it. Then I looked at the stone and my mouth fell open with surprise. It was a huge beautiful diamond: bigger than the biggest diamond you have ever seen! Everywhere I looked the ground was covered with diamonds and other  jewels. What a place! I said to myself. Snakes---and diamonds!''

Just then a large bird flew down and caught one of the snakes. The others moved away. They were frightened of birds.

Saved By A Piece Of Meat

Just then something heavy fell down on the ground beside me. At first I thought it was one of the big birds then I realized it was a piece of meat.

Later I understood what happening. The people who live in that place want the diamonds, but they are afraid of the snakes. They throw large pieces of meat down. Some of the diamonds stick to the meat. When the large birds come, they carry the meat and the diamonds out of that horrible place.

I saw a way to escape. I filled my pockets with diamonds then I took the piece of meat in both hands. and held it up. One of the birds flew down to get the meat. It lifted the piece of meat--and me--off the ground and flew towards its nest. its badly was waiting {that baby was as big as a sheep}. The bird began to tear up the meat to give to its baby. I thought it would tear me up and give me to the baby, too.

 A New Friend

Suddenly I heard shouts. Stones flew into the nest. The bird dropped the meat and flew away. A face looked at me over the edge of the nest.

Now you know how the people get the diamonds. Brave (or greedy) men climb up to the bird's nests. They frighten the birds away and take the jewels. Some people will do anything for money!

There are no diamonds in this nest, my friend, I said to the man. He was too surprised t answer. Forgive me, I went on, I do not want to frighten you. Just help me to get out of here! I have many beautiful diamonds in my pockets. I shall be glad to give you half of them.

That man was a true friend to me. He helped me fowl from the bird's nest. He gave me clean clothes and good food. He helped me to sell my jewels. I had enough money to buy six beautiful ships.

I wanted to sail to Baghdad, but we were a long way from home. No one knew of such a place. I found captains for my ships and filled them with treasure. I sent them to all the four corners of the world to look for Baghdad. I was sure that, one day, they must hear news of my home. I myself got into the biggest treasure ship of all. We sailed with the wind. God makes the wind blow, I said I hope He will send me home.


One morning we saw an island. Fresh water at last, I said. The captain shook his head. I don't think I like this place he said.

Suddenly a small ship came towards us top speed. Its sailors were as small as monkeys. There were hundreds of them and they came out our ship and fought with us.

Soon we were all prisoners on our own ship. The little money-men sailed our ship to the island. Its name was Zugb--five of them could carry one of our sailors easily--and took us to the beach. There they left us. Then they got into my lovely ship and sailed away.

Well I said to the captain we have lost our ship and our treasure, but we still have our lives. The captain did not answer. He was praying.

I looked round. Behind the beach was a very large house with a very high wall all round it. The great iron gate was open, so we went inside.

We looked for somewhere to sleep. We saw no one, but there were white bones one the ground. Are they for the dogs? I said The captain went very white and said nothing.

The Hungry Giant

Soon we heard a noise like thunder. A huge ugly man came through the gates. He was bigger than an elephant and much uglier. He was a great giant: the tallest, fattest, ugliest, hungriest giant in the world! He locked the gayest behind him with a large key.

The giant lit a fire in the yard outside his house. He sat down beside it, and looked at us.

He was not surprised to see us. He was not surprised to see us.

Suddenly I realized: the monkey's often brought poor sailors to him. Now I knew where the bones came from.

He picked me up in one hand and felt my arms and legs.

Too thin, he shouted. He picked up our fattest sailor. That poor man was our cook. The giant cooked him. He put him on a long metal stick and held him over the fire. Then he ate the poor man. After his meal the giant fell asleep.

This went on for many days. The giant gave us food and water; he wanted u to be fat. Every morning he went out and locked his gates behind him. Every evening he ate one of us for supper.

 A Plan Of Escape

I thought of a plan. We must make a ladder, I said and escape over the wall. We used benches from the giant's kitchen. Later if we are lucky I said we can use them as a boat. The benches made a good long ladder.

That night the giant fell asleep after his supper, and I began the other half of my plan. I got two long metal sticks. (You will remember the giant cooked his food on them). We put them in the fire until they were white-hot. Then two of us ran with the white-hot sticks and pushed them into the giant's eyes.

He roared with pain and jumped up. Of course he was blind but he could still hear us. Quick! I called. Over the wall! We climbed the ladder. Then we pulled it over the wall and threw it into the sea. This was our boat. It was not very good but it was better than nothing.

We sailed all night. At last the moon went down and the sky in the east grew brighter. I saw something in front of us; it looked like land.

 The Horrible Sea Snake

Wake up! I called to the sailors. I can see land. The sea near the land is quite calm.

In some parts of the world there are islands like rings of rock around a clam lake. This island looked like that. We sailed towards it. But suddenly the island came to life. No it was not another fish. It was a huge snake. It was the largest snake in the world. Its great head rose out of the water. Its eyes were hard and cold. It saw us. It opened its mouth, and its great teeth closed down on six poor sailors. The captain fell into the water and I never saw him again. I was alone with this horrible sea snake.

Well, I said to myself, if I am going to die,, I will use these benches to make a coffin. (In Baghdad, everyone wants to be buried in a wooden coffin.) I untied the benches and made them into a long box with a lid. It looked just like a coffin. I lay in my new coffin and prayed for a quick easy death.

The sea snake swam round and round my coffin. It tried to get inside and eat me. but it could not. At last it swam away.

 Saved Again

I do not know how long I spent in my coffin. I was alone on the wide. dangerous sea. At last a ship came past.

Look one of the sailors called to his friends. There's a box in the water. Shall we see what's inside?

They sent a boat to collect the coffin. They were very surprised when they found a man inside! I was more dead than alive. The sailors gave me food and water, then they let me rest. They were good. kind men who asked no questions. For a few days I ate, slept and tried to forget that horrible sea snake.

At last I felt able to talk a little. The sailors were very surprised to hear my story.

So you are from Baghdadis? they said. Our captain is from Baghdad too. He is a strange man. Do you know, he has so much treasure, but he won't spend any of it. He says it belongs to the owner of his ship.

Who is that? I asked.

A man called Sinbad.

 Back In Baghdad

The sailors told me about Sinbad. He disappeared seven years ago, they said, but the captain is still waiting for him. Poor Sinbad! A huge fish ate him. But the captain has never stopped hoping and praying.

I begged the sailors to take me to their captain. We knew each other at once. He was the very first captain of my very first ship. So you kept my treasure safe for me. I said You must have half of it, and when we get back to Baghdad, we will have a feast.

We had a surprise when we arrived in Baghdad. I found all my ships waiting for me there. You will remember that I sent treasure ships to look for Baghdad? Well, every one arrived there with the treasure. I was as rich as a king.

The captain bought himself a beautiful ship and went to sea again. I stayed in Baghdad for a time, then I went to sea again. Many more interesting things happened to me....but that is enough for one story!


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    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 

      7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      I remember the stories of Sinbad from the Arabian Nights so thank you for jogging my memory!

    • stars439 profile image


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Very nice Dear Heart.Great Hub. GBY.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Absolutly brilliant !

      You certainly know how to share a story and I now look forward to reading more of your work.

      Take care



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