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The Tale of Aya Part 3

Updated on June 10, 2011


Series is being rewritten.

The Tale of Aya: Part Three

1 ½ weeks later

It all was all a dream, nothing that happened in that last couple of months had happened. I suffered from a mental break and my parents had me institutionalized. Aya thought to herself as she turned over in her dingy straight jacket. But it all seemed so real, like it actually happened.

Aya had been confined to her cell since the operation for her injuries. Just a few stitches here and there and some larger wounds needed to be closed up on her back; she would probably have scarring from them. The doctor told her she had hurt herself in an escape attempt and that her mind had produced false memories. It was a tuff sell but the drugs helped a lot.

After saying for days that they were lying they had confined her to a straight jacket for her own protection. Maybe they are right; if any of it was real wouldn’t someone come for me? My parents? My friends? Aya struggled with her memories and what she was being told; they were doctors why would they lie to her after all.

The light from the sunset filtered through the window, casting its warm reddish glow on the padded room. “Sunset” Aya wearily spat out her eyes glancing at the warm light. The only good thing here is sunset; it is the only warmth in this place. I wish, those fake memories were real, wouldn’t that be nice.

Police station

It had been a busy and extremely stressful week for the chief. Finally he would have some relief for the day, in a few hours he would be heading to his nice home curtesy of certain friends. He would be relaxing in front of his warm glowing fire, smoking a fine cigar, it sure made the stress worth it, owe yes it sure as hell made it worth it.

Life just seem to go his way, he was the oldest child, got the good looks, the family slick black hair, the great voice to accompany his knack for public speaking, he graduated top of his class, dated and married most beautiful girl in school, then made good friends and now sat in his large office adorn with his trophies and awards. Yep George Scollford 2nd had a great life without a doubt.

Yet lately they had decided to pull a stunt which had the media hounding him for answers, friends of the girl calling to find out where she was, and him worst of all bother him on a daily basis. This would not end well, George thought to himself, I can’t keep dodging his phone calls, worst he is as well connected as they are. If I’m not careful this will give me an ulcer, I know it will. Well soon I won’t have to worry about that for the day is over and soon I will be at home relaxing.

“Umm sir, sorry to disturb you but you have a visitor?” Said the rookie poking his head through the door with an extremely nervous look on his face, it wasn’t wise to distrurb the chief but it also wasn’t wise to piss off certain people and since he was the newest member of the force he was stuck with the job.

“Send them away, tell them I am busy or something.” The chief said leaning back in his chair staring at the cealing.

“Umm I can’t do that sir.” The officer sputtered out quickly, sweat now starting to run down his face.

“And WHY NOT!?” asked his officer with irritance showing in his voice, now he had sat back in normal position and his attention was focused on the matter at hand, which was looking to ruin his evening plans. Probably some politition inquiring on behalf of that rich asshole, this will be resolved fast.

“Well sir, he told me to tell you that he was here and that he wasn’t going to wait long. I didn’t want to distrurb you with such a matter sir but he seemed rather important.”

Great, so the asshole has high up connections, this is going to make it harder to handle but I should still be home by 10 to enjoy dinner. “Fine send him in”

As the officer opened the door the chief got a good look at the squad room, it was empty. No officers were in, something was definitely not right but before he could say anything in walked a gentalman in fancy looking plain cloths, with well combed hair. The deputy didn’t wait around and had left before the chief could even get out his first word. “Kalsler! What are you doing here?!” the chief inquired toward the man now standing over his desk.

“You have been avoiding my phone calls and that is just rude. Didn’t your parents ever teach you manners?” Mr. Kalsler said while beginning to walk around the desk toward the chief. The chief knew better than to judge this book by its cover. Sure the guy looked like he was in his early 20s but was 32, he wore fancy looking plain cloths but the man was rich as can be and finally he looked kind and gental but if pissed off had a rather dangerous dark side that you didn’t want to be on the receiving end of.

“Well I have been busy you see…” the chief got half his sentence out before being cut off.

“Yeah, busy avoiding my phone calls, not returning my messages, owe and having me turned away twice!” Kalsler spat back at the chief.

“Yes… But you know the position I am in, I can’t just go…” That was all he could get out before screaming out in pain from having a four inched dagger stabbed right through his hand into his desk.

“Yes I know the position you are in, it is called when I call with a question, you fucking answer it or at very least give me a polite RETURN phone call!” the man said without breaking eye contact with the chief, not even when he ran the dagger through the chiefs hand.

“Okkkaaay, I get it. I should have returned your phone call. Please I will tell you whatever you like, just please… Please don’t kill me.” The chief said with a wimper in his voice. He was a smooth talker and normally he would talk his way out of things but not with this man, you don’t try to match wits with a man who not only will kill you but can.

“Very good I’m glad to see that I have gotten your attention now. I only have one question and you already know what it is, so this is how this is going to go down, you give me my answer I take my dagger and leave. You screw with me, try to pull a gun or just piss me off and I run the next one through your eye. Not enough to kill you keep in mind as I would never kill a fine member of our police force, but enough to make sure you won’t be using the eye again.” It was no bluff, sure the man was calm and collected and generally nice to those he meets but when you screw with his friends you’re normally not going to be bragging about it, the chief was lucky since he was the chief but had this been a different night and a different spot his luck might not be so good. “So which is it going to be, eye or are you going to tell me what I want to know?”

The chief thought for a moment, if I tell him then I will be in deep and they could kill me but if I don’t being killed might be the least of my concerns. Damn it, it was going to be such a good evening too. “Alright, I’ll talk.”

Outside the station

“Yeah I know where she is now, I’m on my way to get her right now.” Mr. Kalsler said into his blue tooth while walking out of the station. “No it was easy, I just stabbed him in the hand with a the dagger and made some good threats and he caved… No the chief is fine, I only had the one dagger after all.” He said with a smile on his face.

To Be continued…


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