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The Tale of Louie the Light Bulb - Part Three

Updated on June 6, 2010


Louie the Light Bulb – Part 3

Louie the Light Bulb was lounging around having an unusually quiet morning.  The kids had plans to go to a picnic with their cousins so they went out early. 

All this talk about cousins got Louie to reminiscing.  Louie was missing some of his cousins and other family members.  He wished that his annual family reunion would be soon, but that wasn't until December which seemed to be like an eternity away to Louie.

Each year when Dad brought out the Christmas tree and mom carried the box of Christmas lights, Louie would know the reunion was about to begin.  The Christmas lights were all kinfolk of Louie the Light Bulb.  They were the bold, glitzy ones with the dramatic personalities like Lois the Light Bulb and Lucy the Light Bulb and I had better not forget to mention Star, she was always the vain one in the family and she sat atop the Christmas tree in all her glory.  She would boast and boast to the other bulbs that she was much superior than they were.  Some bulbs are like that, they seem to only think of themselves and no one else.  One in every family I guess. 

Louie was having a pity party.  He wished he could leave the house and join the family on their adventure.  Instead, he’d have to sit here and wait and observe and wait some more. 

It wasn’t often that Louie felt this way but I suppose every bulb is entitled to feel sorry for himself every so often.   He was also feeling very hot as the family had forgotten to shut him off when they went out.  They usually were very good at remembering to turn off the light switch, but today they were scurrying around getting ready for the picnic and had forgotten all about Louie.

Now Louie sat in solitude, watching the minute hand slowly move on the kitchen clock.  The phone rang once, but of course Louie didn’t know who it was.  He imagined it was Verna the neighbor.  She always seemed to phone at the most inopportune time. 

The door bell also rang.  Louie wanted to let them know that no one was home, but of course he had no way of telling them that.  The curtains were left open, so Louie could see it was a delivery man with a parcel.  Maybe it was the new kitchen gadget that mom had ordered off the TV. commercial.  Louie was always privy to such things because both the phone and small TV. were in his room.  They were in his domain, so Louie felt quite proud to know what was happening at most, well almost, all times.

What he didn’t know was what was about to happen next.

To be continued…..









Louie's relatives
Louie's relatives


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