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The Teacher, the Student

Updated on September 9, 2012

The Teacher, the Student

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Empowered by thoughts of understanding,

we write with grace and eloquence.

Imparting our deepest feelings we search clarity,

and the presence of mind to portray it.

Like bubbles about to burst our thoughts drift,

within a sea of bubbles, each one seeking place, meaning.

We guide them to a fruitful outcome and to inspire consideration,

connection with the intent of perception, to know.

Through the process we guide our own seeking minds,

to unveil the mysteries within us by consequence.

Doors open, fulfil our searching, our potential lessons,

emerging for us to both teach and to learn.

This is the way of the writer, we, in the front seats of the class before us,

learning that which is taught in the process of life.

How deluded we are to think we command respect as a teacher,

when we more often are the recipient of knowledge.

We are as writers, a part of learning, conveying thoughts, images,

to ignite the minds of readers, to trigger the resounding pursuit of truth.

We can be manipulators, deceivers and the hands of propaganda,

but the truth is far more seductive in understanding.

We are writers, given the gift of ignition, to open minds and imagination.

Our task is to hold tightly the inquisitive mind and nourish beginnings,

each word a puzzle to be undone in the light of truth.

We are teachers, and students.


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