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The Tenants of Building 38: A Sneak Peek

Updated on August 13, 2015

The Tenants of Building 38 is a unique anthology created through a collection of works from various authors. Each apartment exists of a tenant, each with a story to tell. Come with us to delve into a world that's a little bit different... This anthology has 38 stories, all by various authors. Each story focuses on a tenant of the apartment and the anthology has all genres of stories from horror to romance. All profit from the anthology will be donated to The American Cancer Society.

Cover designed by American author Sophia Olson.
Cover designed by American author Sophia Olson.

The Tenants Of Building 38 is an anthology centered around the tenants of an American apartment building. Each apartment is the home of a different tenant who has his own unique story to tell. Among the residents are creepy stalkers, undercover agents, monster hunters, anorexic college students, stressed writers and many more. If you think your neighbors are crazy think again. It doesn't get any crazier than The Tenants Of Building 38.

Carrie Jones

One of the most normal tenants in the building is 22-year-old college student Carrie Jones. She starts every day with a long run before breakfast and runs twice a day on weekends, obsessed with keeping her slim figure. She is on a very strict no-sugar diet and she may or may not have a little crush on her British neighbor Daniel, who in the sneak peek below comes knocking on her door as she is standing naked in her bathroom, about to take a shower after one of her long morning runs.

Apartment 419 - Mirror, Mirror: A Sneak Peek

She sighs. She quickly puts on her bathrobe and exits the bathroom to answer the door.

She opens it and finds Daniel, the handsome British guy who lives across the hall, standing on her doorstep.

“Hi,” he says in that annoying accent of his. “I was wondering if I could borrow some sugar, I’m making cookies”.

Cookies. It has been quite a while since she has had any cookies. It has been so long that she had sort of forgotten about their existence.

Daniel doesn’t look like the kind of guy who knows how to bake cookies. She can’t really picture him in apron and oven mittens balancing a glowing hot tray of freshly baked cookies in his hands. That picture seems quite absurd in her mind. Though she has no trouble picturing him on her couch in nothing at all. She wonders if he has a six-pack, he probably does. Someone with arms like his would have to have great abs as well and Daniel’s arms remind her of a body builder. But what does it matter he is obviously way out of her league.

“Sorry what were you saying?”

She realizes she has just been staring at him.

“Can I borrow some sugar?” he repeats. “That is, if you have any”.

“I’m not sure, let me check,” she says quickly and almost runs into the kitchen, a little embarrassed.

Does she even have any sugar? She can’t remember.

After looking through all her cabinets she realizes that she does not have any sugar or anything else that is even nearly as sweet. All that she has is crackers, bread and some low-fat yogurt in the fridge but no sugar. Come to think of it she can’t remember when she last used sugar for anything in her kitchen let alone when she bought any. Not that it matters because she is on a diet anyway.

“Sorry, no sugar,” she tells Daniel.

“Oh well thank’s for looking anyway,” he says. “Have a nice day”.

He steps out into the hallway and gently closes the door behind him.

It is in that moment that she realizes what she is wearing.

Her pink, old bathrobe with about ten holes in each sleeve. And then there is the fact that she smells of sweat and wet dogs. She hasn’t even showered yet.

She wonders what Daniel must have thought.

An Anthology for a Good Cause

The Tenants Of Building 38, an anthology written by 19 authors from around the world includes 36 short stories and 2 poems, all featuring one or more tenants from Building 38. It includes work from authors like Laney Smith, Andrea Mouser and Sophia Olson. All the proceeds from the sales of this book will go to The American Cancer Society.

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