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The Tender Trap

Updated on February 16, 2012
2 Hearts Beat as One from pdjsphotos Source:
2 Hearts Beat as One from pdjsphotos Source:

The Tender Trap

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Days go by and love lingers like the sweet fragrant blooms of spring, endowing life with quiet purpose and the expectation of blissful potential. Hearts full imbibe life’s gifts and accept the challenges of living with renewed strength and wonder. Under the spell of love life remains an adventure, each experience a tender trap for the open heart, a lilting song for a stirring soul.

Colours are richer, textures distinct; light the artist’s freedom strokes, all at the whim of a loving heart. When love imbues the steps of being, life has a perspective unexperienced, a menu unseen. Offerings are unexplored, unconsidered in the shadow of radiant love, and we the transcendent focus glow from the possibilities.

Hearts become still, residing in the warmth of knowing, at ease with life now driven by forces from without, aligned with planets and distant stars in peaceful harmony. How different a world within love, without the contentions and mindless hate that surrounds us. How I wish the world would embrace the potential of love.

When souls meet having met before, there is a knowing, an unspoken word that transcends statement and the need for explanation. When hands touch there is a familiarity and a need fulfilled. A loving embrace becomes salvation, the finding of home, and in that blissful realisation knowledge that this union is blessed, meant to be.

How strange that feeling, that overwhelming recognition without logical basis. But hearts know well their course and when love is found all else bows and respectfully takes leave. Love above all inspires life, its expression an open pathway. It can do nothing but create harmony for all life and its acceptance a natural conclusion.

Nature in all its profuse glory is seen in detail from a loving heart. Each tendril, leaf and bloom a perfection of purpose and vision. Within love focus is obvious, an appreciation of the magnitude of life and the miraculous complexities of our world. An open heart can see beyond horizons, within a dew drop and absorb understanding it without words. Two loving hearts, entwined, see the truth within themselves, the possibilities that life can afford and the happiness that selfless love can restore.

Your eyes tell me I have found this love, this inexplicable discovery that is transforming my life. However strange, however unlikely we are found, you and I. We are meant to be together, because I am half of me when we are apart. You beautiful face haunts my mind, lingering at the edge of my thoughts, forever awakening me to your presence. Your scent, your soft skin, your lips I long for, your beating heart in time with mine. I’ve loved you before; you are too familiar, too much apart of me already. All I can do is surrender.


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