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The Thickety: A Path Begins Review

Updated on December 30, 2015



Not a Children's Book

So, someone suggested this book and I began reading it under the assumption that is was a children's tale. It is not a children's tale.

The Thickety (while being extremely fun to say) is dark and sinister, with a small but surprising amount of gore in a style similar to Michael Grant's (author of the Messenger of Fear).

The characters and world are captivating and the dark prose keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. It has a dark, twisted tale and makes for a thrilling read throughout.

Characters: The Good, The Bad, The Terrifying

At times, there are not many characters to root for.

The protagonist, a young (unbeknownst to her) witch names Kara Westfall, is pleasant enough at the beginning when she shows how much she does to take care of her increasingly sick brother and her mind-adled father, but later on shows her darker side when the grimoire--a book that grants powers to the witches who use it--preys on her and causes her to commit evil that she otherwise would never have done.

At moments where the reader wants her to stand up for herself, she doesn't, and vise versa; when the reader sees the danger in her taking her revenge on the abusive village people, she disregards logic and commits crimes.

This makes the book a perfect mix of suspense and heartache.

The scariest creature in this book is nothing that comes from the Thickety; instead, it is the little girl named Grace. She's terrifying in that she's manipulative and ruthless, yet she's able to keep people on her side for the majority of the book and convinces them that she's simply an innocent little girl.

Until the end, she's an infuriating tyrant and a terrifying child.

Standing Out from the Crowd

There are tons and tons of books on wizards and witches--even before Harry Potter, there was a surplus. So anyone wanting to write a book about witches had better come up with something clever and unique to set it apart from all of the other witch-centric books.

This book does really well in the world-building aspect. It gives you view of the lore of the town, some of the geography, and how the current world came about. A lot of books leave explanation to "that's just how it is" coupled with suspense of disbelief on behalf of the reader.

White does very well in that the reader is pulled into the believable world by the tidbits of history of the Thickety and the town without doing any large information dumps that the reader normally skims over.

Check Out the Book Trailer for The Thickety: A Path Begins


All in all, there's not much to say other than this book was an enjoyable and well-written read. It's always a good sign that I'm at a loss for words with a book, thus why this review is so short. All I can say is that I highly recommend it, and look forward to the rest of the series.

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