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The Thing About Fire

Updated on June 16, 2014

The thing about fire
is that it destroys
everything in it's wake.
It engulfs
and chokes
and burns
anything that gets in it's way.
It warps
what used to be new
and sucks the life
right out.

The thing about fire
is that it's mesmorizing
and completely irresistable.
It's bright
and hot
and flaming desire
that demands to be felt.
It warms
unsuspecting hearts
and fuels
what we so desire.

The thing about fire
is that it knows
everyone's secrets.
and lovers
and two teenagers
trying to hold it all together.
It sees
the cracks breaking
and feels
the flames dying down.

The thing about fire
is that it has the potential
to be put out.


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