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~The Things My Mother Taught Me~

Updated on March 4, 2014

The things my mother taught me, to hold my head up high

Life’s going to have its challenges, you look them in the eye

You never trade the truth for what might seem an easy way

A person has no value if you can’t trust what they say

Have a gentle spirit, because that shows in your face

Try to handle everything with dignity, and grace

Once your words are spoken, you cannot take them back

Judging someone else cannot make up for what you lack

Be the kind of person you’d like your friends to be

Let your living send the message “you can count on me”

Have a giving spirit, because there isn’t any doubt

That if you take care of others, you will never go without.

Always trust the Golden Rule to guide you on your way

Because it will serve you well of soul, at the closing of your day.

Nothing valuable has ever been the fruit of idle hands

Life moves on without you, while you’re making other plans…

Shortcomings are not failures, and quitters never win

Pour your heart and soul into the things that you begin.

If anything is worth your time, it’s worth your best, as well

People who hurt children will serve their time in hell

First impressions are important, because they’re the ones that last

You cannot re-write history once the moment’s passed

But my mom summed up living, in perhaps my favorite line…

“Slap a smile on your face and act

Like you are having a good time.”


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