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The Three Gifts

Updated on March 3, 2012

The three gifts

Once upon a itme, there lived a woman. Her father was proud of himself and her beauty. One day, the father, called King Titan, decided to show off his beautiful daughter, Princess Rosie, and try to win a contest about beauty.

He worked day and night preparing something lovely for his magnificant princess. When he was done, he thought that he could trade excellent things for this object he'd made, a golden crown with jems all over it.

The contest was in three days and there were three competitions which meant they would have three chances to win the prize of priceless jewels, never ending money and a pair of silver shoes. So they set off to India to trade the terrific crown. First they came to an old man carrying a box full of jewels and jewellery. The king said to the old man "This crown with jewels would be a nice trade for some jewellery". The old man agreed and happily walked away with the crown.

"We had better head back" the princess said, "or we will miss the first contest". They came back to England and the competition began. "In first place" announced the judge, "is Princess Renata from Russia". The audience cheered but the king did not so they prepared for the next day when the second competition was on.

They headed home and the king found a box of antique furntiture, paintings and books. Then they went straight to Japan. There they caught sight of a kindly librarian who was putting away a case of make up and pink blossom flowers.

King Titan said "this box of antique things would be a nice trade for the things in that case". She instantly took the priceless things and gave away her case. They went back England and the second test was on. Princess Rosie and King Titan were sure they would win the prize. "In first place" shouted out the judge, "is Countess Lucinda". Once again the audience gave a round of applause and held up banners.

This time it made King Titan very angry and said, "If we don't win, next time will be our last chance", so they headed straight for The Four Leaf Clover in a green place called Ireland. They spotted a lady who was holding a glass ball with little spots in it. King Titan was not sure what it was and asked "Excuse me mam, but what are they?". "Why they are wishes" cried the lady. "You have to pull out one and give it to someone to be either beautiful, brave or kind".

The king asked if she would like to trade it for some rare shells he had found. He wanted the nprincess to be either beautiful or brave but instead he pulled out kindness. King Titan said " Can I pull out another one?" but he had nothing left to trade. He would have to use kindness so he gave it to Princess Rosie and so Princess Rosie became compassionate and went back not prepared to win.

"Finally" said the judge, "I would like you to make up a sentence about yourself". First, Madam Bossay said that she was very beautiful. Lady Verona said that she was brave. And finally Princess Rosie said " I thank the kind audience for cheering everybody." The judge thought and thought and decided. "The winner is ... Princess Rosie!". The audience screamed happily and KIng Titan and Princess Rosie lived happily ever after.


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    • sweethearts2 profile image

      sweethearts2 6 years ago from Northwest Indiana

      Compassion a very beautiful thing to offer and possess. Thanks for sharing.