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The Tides of life.....Across The Sands Of Time.

Updated on December 4, 2009

The tides of life, ...across the sands of time.



Sitting in a graveyard
where moonlight illuminates
the many mounds left here
grass dunes washed up by
the tides of life's exits

a place to reflect
on how short this travail
will be
granted me this century

surrounded by the shells
of others
who once dreamed
once loved
and so many of them
gone too soon

I can almost hear
the waves of grief
the roar that still resounds
within the hollows of
each shell
embedded here beneath
the sands of time

teenagers killed by
a sudden crash
no pause to breathe
one instant
next the splintered glass
and then no more

young men who
stood beneath a flag
absorbing several rounds
and falling drunkenly
to heroes claims
and twenty-one salutes

young babies
nap beneath pink stones
with scattered toys above
and pinwheels turning
in hypnotic lullabyes
from the flowered breeze

Memorial Day has passed
but here it lingers
with the fluttering flags
and pastel wreaths
that will remain
long after July
has kissed old June adieu
and joined the past
in yellowed calender pages

I sit within my car
with windows down
and hear a quiet
like no other
silence ever
could unviel
and I find peace
six feet above
eternal rest

for I at least
can be assured
of this
my final destination

It is a lovely place
amidst the stones
far past the shores
of now

if you just look
beyond the tides
of life
and find the tiny bits
of color
decorating grassy dunes
that hold the shells
that death deposited
across the sands of time.



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