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The Bird and the Toad

Updated on August 27, 2020
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author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

A Baby Bird Desired to Swim and Catch a Toad for Dinner

Alongside a pond in a faraway land stood a tall banana tree that towered over a bird of paradise patc . In the millpond lived many daring toads. The toads would swim back and forth eating all the banana leaves they could muster. They would also rest on smooth stones to catch the reflection of the lovely pink flower patches in the water. Hungry birds would run to the pond to bathe in the sparking crystal waters.

One baby bird was hungrier than all the rest. He could not eat enough bananas leaves and longed to savor a toasty toad. The young bird watched the colorful toads for a lengthy time.

Then he said to his mom: “I’d like to swim in the pond and catch a toad for dinner.”

“How could you eat a toad? You don’t even know how to swim and the water is deep.”

“I may not know how to swim; but, I am smarter than these silly toads. All they do every day is spin back and forth and nothing else.”

For days the small bird ran to the pond to study the toads. He sat and keenly watched them as he pondered how to catch one without diving into the water.

The Hungry Bird Picked a Little Toad

The baby bird noticed one toad was slower than all the rest. One reason or another the little toad would swim with his tiny arms and not use his legs. At times, he’d rest on a banana leaf to catch his breath. “This is the one I want the baby bird said to his mom.”

“Well, go for it, she said; however, I guarantee it’s not going to be as simple as you think.

The little bird gathered as many banana leaves; he could muster to make a small pile by the bank of the pond. He hoped the toad would rest on it one day so he could catch him with his ruff claws.

“Little Toad,” The baby bird cried. “Would you come with me to this outstretched banana tree that has a large branch to catch a fly?”

“Oh, yes, said the toad. But will you have to come over here first.”

“How can I come to you, I do not know how to swim!”

The Helpless Bird Learned to Float

“I’ll teach you,” said the lowly toad.

“Wow, said the baby bird?”

“First, place your feet in the water and I’ll show you how to paddle and float.”

The bird was eager to eat the toad, so he jumped into the water and landed on the banana pile he had created for the toad. Instantly frightened, he hesitantly hollered to the toad and his mom for help.

His mom came running to the pond and could not believe her little beck was in the yawning waters unattended! She did not want to startle her baby and so mommy sat by the bank watching to see what the toad would do. The toad asked the bird to hold it's breath and wiggle it's feet. Surprisingly, the bird listened to the lowly toad and did not drown at first. The bird simply floated on top of the water! “Wow, thought the bird, this silly toad really taught me something useful today. I wouldn’t feel right eating him now.”

The bird caught a glimpse of his mom and called out to her. “Look, mom, I’m floating.”

The Baby Bird Was Eager to Eat the Mottled Toad

That’s fabulous, however, how are you going to get onto the parched land?”

“I don’t know, nevertheless, I trust you will show me. Just then he lost his footing and started to sink. “Help, help, he cried out”

Bursting out into a loud snigger, the spotty toad grabbed him by his long ears and dragged him out of the water. “You silly bird, your aspirations are too big for you. You must learn how to paddle before you can learn how to swim.”

“I’m sorry, little toad, I was eager to devour you. I didn't think of the consequences”.

“Besides, birds don’t eat toads’ ever, son, because we dislike there odor, said mom with relief.

The Bird Decided to Befriend the Toad Instead

The little bird chose to befriend the toad instead of trying to define quaint ways to eat him. Every day the baby bird joyfully hopped into the pond to play with the toad. They became fine friends and the toad also never tried to eat a banana leaf.

"That’s squirrel food, I prefer to munch on fresh live insects." Cried the toad happily.”

© 2014 Sheila Craan


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