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The Top 10 Things You Want To Do In Your Life

Updated on June 1, 2009

My List of Top 10

1. Travel around the world. I enjoy traveling, I collect foreign currency, and am a food enthusiast and history buff. What better way to do all of the above than through visiting all the places I have heard about and have never experienced first-hand? I've been fortunate to have gone to a few countries and almost half of the U.S. But hopefully one day I could have at least traveled to every region of the world, if not all countries. I haven't traveled in a while, and wanderlust is a trait the people in my family possess. Clearly, I have it too.

2. Live in a bigger house. I sincerely hope that where I am living now will be the only home I ever own. Not that I don't like it, but I just don't envision myself staying there until I'm old and gray. I'd already like to have more room, my own library/study, and a screened-in porch where I can spend time outdoors without necessarily being outside. Plus, having a child changes everything-any closet space is immediately engulfed with all my daughter's toys, leaving us with little room for our own things. And that's with already purging several items.

3. Lead at least one person to the Lord. I realize it is too early to tell, but I am trying to be an inspiration to my daughter, and so far she believes in God. I would be happy in seeing her become a strong, Christian woman who is not easily swayed by opposition. That would just make me so proud. I'll never know for sure if anyone who reads my work became a believer because of me. But I can hope that maybe there will be one person out there to mention something to me, one day.

4. Get over my fears of driving. I drive, but I don't like to. I do it because I have to. And I don't like driving in snow or ice, and I avoid the highway and interstate. I would like to be less uptight and not let my daughter suffer because of it.

5. Publish a best-selling novel. Ironically, that would have been my #1 goal back some years, but it's interesting how I had to think about it before settling upon this aspiration at #5. I am drawn to write. It is what defines me as a person. I just can't see myself doing anything better. And I write to quiet the voice inside of me, as well as share what I feel like would benefit my readers. Every character I create, every situation I discuss, I know it pertains to SOMEBODY out there. I've been told that just in the selection of articles and short stories I have written. I've yet to complete my biggest novel I've ever worked on, and I hope that it can one day be published along with its counterparts. Until that day, I will be pressing onward toward that goal.

6. See more of my family. There are several family members I don't get to see on a regular basis because of distance. Certainly when I am able to travel around the world as I mentioned in #1, I would be able to accomplish this goals as well. But there are also people in my family I've never met, and I have only in the past decade found a missing branch in my family tree. So I would like very much to find more long-lost relatives, so I could learn more about my ancestors' lives.

7. Corrective laser eye surgery. To not wear glasses or contacts would be wonderful! For a good portion of my life, I have had to worry about one or the other, and it has been an expensive necessary evil. But alas, I have to have the money for that, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. That is, of course, unless I publish my novel and have enough royalties from that to do everything ON this list. Hmmmmmm....

8. Donating sizeable portions to charities. To-date, I've been sporadic about contributing to the offering at church, and I've not been blessed with finances in order to give freely to every charity that calls me asking for handouts. I feel bad, because I don't want to be a miser. Yet this economy stinks, and sometimes I just wish a fairy godmother would grant me enough to not have to sweat the small stuff. In the meantime, I will do what I can to donate time, my writing, or even clothing or food to places in need. I just want to be able to do more.

9. Have an updated wardrobe. No, I'm not saying splurge on all the fancy stuff out there. That's just not me. I am a sensible person, who likes to have fun and dress up now and again. My wardrobe reflects my teen years and young adult days, with some frumpy clothes thrown in. What I would like to do is replace the dowdy out outdated with some reasonable, flattering clothes to wear in any situation. Nothing fits me quite right since having my daughter over 4 years ago, and it's very frustrating to find things that work with my body. And I currently have one pair of dress shoes and one pair of pants to wear for work, so I seem to use them like a uniform and wear them most every day. I hate that, because I am so bored with that! I would be happy shopping at Goodwill for some decent things, but I've yet to find anything. Just my luck.

10. Earn a college degree. It's funny how this one got pushed last. But I truly believe that after everything else is accomplished, this one might be the one to tackle. I didn't go to college right after high school, because I didn't think it made sense to waste the money if I didn't know what I wanted to do just then. Instead, I thought it was worth it to get job experience, and see what my strengths were. It was helpful, but now that I do know what I want to study, I am having a hard time trying to find when that could be a possibility, in between my daughter's education and our finances. But if anything ever happens to my husband, I realize I have to have more than a high school education to have a good job that could support my daughter and I. So I would love to be able to study Linguistics. Maybe someday.


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