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The Top 3 Edward Lee Books

Updated on September 29, 2013

Flesh Gothic

This is the first Edward Lee book I ever found, and it's the only one I've ever found on a bookstore shelf. Whether it's the fact that Lee's writing is demented and twisted, or the fact that he may not have a huge following, every other book I've needed to read I've bought online. Flesh Gothic is a twisted story about "A house of Passion" and "A house of sin". It's a beautifully written story about the demonic innards of someone's demented mind. Flesh Gothic is the story of the Hildreth House, where twenty-seven people were brutally murdered, and one of them was never found. The very strong imagery and story that is weaved through these pages will leave you wanting more, unable to put it down. He takes a turn with a genre that many are familiar with where investigators are let loose in one of the world's most haunted houses full of mystery and extreme terror. Lee pulls out all the stops when it comes to sexual, spiritual, and psychic desires and energy. His images are not for the faint of heart as his vivid words paint a disturbing picture in front of your eyes. In a beautiful twist on a homespun industry, the investigators discover a gateway to hell in a room sewn with human flesh. Lee tends to play with the lines of God and the Devil, along with Heaven and Hell, in a way that might make some people squirm. However, he is an amazing writer that deserves more credit than I think he's gotten. If I had read any other one of his books first I might not have been as hooked, but Flesh Gothic (I believe) is the best novel he's ever written. You can almost see the blood and the gore oozing out of your own walls as the words unfold on the pages in front of you. Not only will you never forget this novel, but you'll never be the same after reading it.

The Bighead Trailer

The Header Trailer

Brides of the Impaler

Brides of the Impaler is a modern day Dracula-esque novel of beauty. I think it's every person's nightmare to move into a beautiful house only to discover some dastardly past about it that everyone has tried to keep hidden for whatever reason. Brides of the Impaler delves into the dark part of its main character, attempting to draw her to a darker side that exists within her. The bloodlust only exists to prey upon her forbidden fantasies. The timeless sin of a timeless character will keep you drooling with every page turn and having a need to know what's going to happen next. The discovery of the grusomely impaled bodies are painted with disgusting vividness as Lee makes you feel as though you're looking right at being done in front of you. His story of the famous brides brings an old time legend into modern time terror. Although there is a historical aspect to this novel, Lee really takes his time in bringing the historic into the present and allowing a twist of dark and evil sin. Although a lot of personal reviews will point to Brides of the Impaler being the worst work ever produced by Lee, I don't think they give it a chance (or maybe they don't see the beauty behind the words). But either way I think it's a secret gem of his bibliography that deserves a chance for those who have the patience, and the time, to read between the lines and see the beauty underneath the surface. The mixture of historical fiction and present happenings give an old story and different twist and a different feeling.

The Black Train

Although disgusting and cringeworthy, The Black Train, takes a civil war historical drama to a new level. I spent most of this book wanted to cover my eyes, or vomit, with the disgusting sexual scene that Edward Lee writes so well...but it was like a train wreck (no pun intended) and I just couldn't put it away. Reading this book was almost like having my mind violated with a bad porn filled with horrible, disgusting, fantasies, but it still amazed me that someone could have a mind to create things like this and put them in a book for others to read. Once again, the historic implications of bringing the Civil War era to life (through flashbacks, among other things) melds a beautiful history with a modern day ghost story. The sex and violence has a way to keep you so entranced that you won't noticed how many pages have passed you by. The railroad tracks that lead to the black train also tend to lead to a place worse than Hell. It's hard to root for a character that only seems to think with his little brain (if you catch my drift) and you almost hope something happens to him in this terrible journey through his own personal hell. It's a story that will transport you to a different place and a different time. A true horror fan will look past his disgusting (and memorable) sex scenes in order to appreciate the true story that Lee has weaved in all its beauty.

Edward Lee-About him

Edward Lee has published over 40 works of written beauty, including full length novels, book length fiction, novellas, and short stories. Most of his novels contain an interesting blend of Heaven versus Hell, Sex versus Chastity, Horror versus Disgust, and the Occult versus the Normal, and focuses on erotic and morbid sexual imagery and visceral violence. There is no doubt that there is NO other writer who can compare to what Edward Lee constantly puts out to his fans.

Lee makes a point to let his fans know that his biggest influence is HP Lovecraft when he released a number of novels and novellas that clearly ooze Lovecraft's influence and beauty. He has two novels that have been made into movies (as the trailers are featured earlier in the Hub) and has a reoccuring appearance with Jack Ketchum in a few different short stories and anthologies. He runs with the big boys yet doesn't seem to have quite the reputation as they do. Labeled as "the bad boy of horror", the reputation that does exist for him, certainly gives any reader a good idea of what you might be getting into. He is a writer that constantly plays with the idea of good versus evil, and never does it in the same way twice.

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