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The Top 3 Kristin Hannah Books

Updated on October 8, 2013

Magic Hour

I accidentally found Kristin Hannah, a fantastic author, of a genre I didn't normally read. I was about to head out on an extensive road trip and one of my long time traditions is having a book on tape (or CD in this day and age) to listen to. I worked at a gas station and we had a display of books on CD that wasn't selling at all. As the prices continued dropping, and the CDs went on sale, I decided to pick up the most appealing one in the selection. Magic Hour was the perfect length for my entire road trip, and since I hated trying to find music in and out of my normal radio stations, I decided to give it a shot.

The book seemed interesting enough, it was about a "wild child" and a woman who wanted to save her. Everyone loves a good story about being saved and being a savior and I wasn't about to shoot it down. I've never truly been a fan of them though. I always read horror books, thriller novels, and anything that would seem shady in the world now-a-days, so I went into this being skeptical. The description on the back of the CD seemed too good to be tru. I had never heard of this author and didn't necessarily like giving new things a chance.

I hit the road early in the morning and put in the CD once I got on the wide open back roads. As with most books, the first couple pages (or minutes in this instance) didn't truly hook me in. It wasn't until I started to wake up that I really got involved in the story. I could relate with the child psychiatrist, Julia, and feel her need to save this child and renew her love and trust within her own life. The feel of failure and insecurity was truly what made me start paying attention because this character was real, not a superhero, and truthful. The journey she embarks on with the "wild child", whom she calls "Alice", had me on an emotional rollercoaster. By the end of this book, and my road trip, I was crying along with the words coming through my speakers on this book on CD. As soon as I returned home, I went straight out and bought 4 more of her books...


Waiting for the Moon

Waiting for the Moon, is the second book I picked up, and trust me when I tell you I've broken the binding of this book reading it time and time again. It may be one of her older works but I think it's one of a kind. I had never been a fan of romance novels, but I was hooked once again. The story of this woman who had no idea where she was, how she got there, or even who she is made me want to fall in love with a man I had never known. A woman who had no identity and a man who chose to be non-existant began to reflect each other in their sadness and feelings of being alone. Ian is a man who has been disturbed by his own telepathic gift that has caused him to turn away from the society he has vowed to heal. Selena, as she comes to be called, is a woman who has appeared from nowhere, without an identity, and falls into Ian's life. He comes to find out that she seems to be immune to his powers, and begins to renew his life by turning everything he knows upside-down. Page after page goes by and the question remains of wondering if they'll end up together...only reading it will be able to answer this question...and it's worth it.


When Lightning Strikes

My last, but certianly not least, choice is another one of her earlier books. When Lightning Strikes is a book that every author wishes could come true. During a magical storm (and what good story doesn't start with a storm? Or a good romance for that matter...) romance writer, Alaina, is in the center of the storm when lightning strikes. She is propelled back in time to discover she is living in the setting of her current novel that she's writing. Is it a dream? Is it true? Could she really have been transported in her novel? (Warning side note: I wish I could be transported into some of the books I've been reading lately...) but whether or not this is real life, Alaina is forced into the arms of her own character, Killian. For what I can say, in the fewest words, Killian is your original bad boy. He has his own walk, his own talk, and his own way of being the outlaw of the land that any rebel would be attracted to. But being kidnapped by an outlaw doesn't sound romantic does it? Hence the wonderful love story that is the focus of the novel. Can their love last not only one lifetime in the past, but the lifetime that exists in the present life that Alaina leads? In order to find the answer, you'll have to open the book, turn the page, and take the risk that these two amazing characters have taken on their own journey.

She's a must read!!!

Kristin Hannah has a talent all her own that seems very unique and there's not really much else on the shelves quite like this. She truly seems to write from the heart and has an amazing way with words and imagery. Her books are well worth the money to keep them on your bookshelf. I've lent out so many of her book to my personal friends and gotten them just as hooked as I am. Whenever I need a feel-good book I pick her book up because she is genuinely in a league all of her own. Her writing oozes with talent and a heartwarming sense of passion.


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