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The Touch Of Wonder.

Updated on October 23, 2009

The Touch Of Wonder.

 In the eye of a brainstorm,

during the midst of a prayer

from the heavens.. sheer power

granted for me to share.

God would transform my fingers

into healers for all

then he'd beckon me go forth

I would answer the call.

I'd make haste and I'd run to

every hospital ward

bringing my touch of wonder

as a gift from the Lord.

There are so many healers

that proclaim what they do

I would silently go forth

making wishes come true.

First to all tiny children

dying from some disease

watch their eyes fill with wonder

as I set them at ease.

With just one touch the blush of

their lost youth would return

as their bright eyes looked upward

seeing God's deep concern

as their health took a turn.

I would touch all the elders

housed in strapped chairs, in homes

grant them strength to rise upward

add new life to their bones.

They would walk out in long lines

from their prisons of death

they would dance in the meadows

breathing youth with each breath.

All the mothers and ladies

struck with cancers in breasts

and in wombs, and in ovaries

by my touch would be blest.

All the soldiers now dying

would be made well... sent home

all the stumps would be made whole

with new flesh and new bone.

Every baby aborted

would be drawn back to wombs

inside earth's barren mothers

from their small orphaned tombs.

All the dads and the brothers

all the grandpas and sons

who were ill I would touch them

granting new lives begun.

I would spend every hour

as a healer unleashed

offering nothing but God's hope

and the lessons it's preached.

Folks would flock by the millions

back to God through my hands

that were truly just his hands

using mine to command.

I would ask for no money

need no fortune nor fame

always humble a servant

easing much of man's pains.

Granting healing to others

so that all of the earth

turns from death and pains suffering

in a glorious rebirth

In the eye of a brainstorm

God I wish I could see

the right prayer that would let you

grant this power to me


this old world's full of suffering

what a joy that would be.


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    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 

      9 years ago

      "Every baby aborted would be drawn back to wombs

      inside earth's barren mothers from their small orphaned tombs."

      This is beautiful! My mother, who is also the mother of two adopted children, my being one of them will love this. She always feels as if she's been blessed by the fact that abortions were not the "first" thought or even prevalent when she and my father started their family. She also talks about the fact that if they had to deal with today's rising costs for adoption they would not have had a family at all. They paid a total of $300 in court costs for both of their children, a far cry form the tens of thousands it costs today.

      Great hub.......... for many you will touch and heal with your writing...... keep it up!


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