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The Touch of My Beloved

Updated on January 10, 2016

The Touch of My Beloved (an original poem)

I sacrifice my emotions,

take leave of my senses,

sit coiled and rigid

as a steel spring.

Then my nerves feel

(ever so lightly)

a caress, and I recognize

(without looking)

the delicacy of your love.

You release, one by one,

my knots of fear and pain;

your heart reaches out,

enfolds me

within bright, soft wings.

Love Makes Life Worth Living

From the moment human beings are born (perhaps, from the moment of conception), we need love. Love comes in many forms--infants' and children's love for their parents, siblings' love for each other, children's love for their mentors/teachers, friends' love for each other, lovers' passion, spouses' love and devotion, parents' love, grandparents' love, the love of people for God and of God for people, love for animals and from them, love of our jobs, love of our creative work, love of the physical universe, and love of ideas.

My poem, "The Touch of My Beloved," speaks of the spiritual connection that lovers feel with each other, which can manifest as sharing feelings, thoughts, fantasies, and even spiritual touch. If you have experienced such an astral connection, then you will know what I mean and how deep and real it is. However, spiritual passion, just as physical romance, can go wrong and break down. It can become obsession; it can be unbalanced or one sided. Communication, maturity, and commitment make all the difference in astral love, just as in physical love.

Have you ever been sitting at your desk, after an afternoon of working much too hard, and suddenly felt a silence come over your mind and felt your emotions pulled and heightened? At that time, did you hear your lover speak into your mind? Did you seem to see his or her face rise before yours? Did you feel you could reach out and touch his/her cheek? This feeling is real, and it can be shared if both partners are sensitive and focused.

Modern industrialized life drives out our sensitivity and runs over us roughshod so that all we feel is pain and tiredness. By taking time to reclaim one's center, to relax, to listen, and to feel, one can return to a contemplative and sensitive position in which it's possible to open to the astral plane and connect with others in spiritual love, including romantic love.

When you are alone, try thinking of your partner. Seek to touch and comfort, heal, and love him or her in spirit.

Love Doves Are Good Models


Must It Be Spiritual?

While my poem, "The Touch of My Beloved," is about a spiritual love experience, its core message also applies to the physical side of love. True love is both physical and spiritual.

We isolate from each other in this world all too often, spending our lives in pursuit of money, power, and fame. Anger, violence, faithlessness, and addictive behavior keep us from living together peacefully. Few people today have ideal families and childhoods, teen years, or adult lives; many people live alone and suffer from loneliness and alienation. Learning to relate to others and love others--and receive love from others--is one of life's main lessons, but it's not taught powerfully in this world. Without adequate guidance, we learn how to love by grappling blindly in our need, grasping, and dreaming. We often learn how NOT to love through the bad examples of our parents and teachers. Yet, what makes life worth living? Ultimately, we are here to learn how to love.

Following one's conscience and guidance from higher powers (teachers, spiritual leaders, friends and family who have a greater love than one's own), one can attempt to live a life of greater love on every level, in every type of love relationship. As adult lovers, that might mean reaching out to touch each other in spirit, but it can also mean calling your partner, making plans together, designating time to be together regularly, listening, and talking openly and deeply. It should mean making love regularly once the relationship is that advanced and committed, as well as spending time touching and cuddling. Adult human beings need this kind of love with their physical partners. Yes, it can become spiritual, but it is also physical, since we are both spiritual and physical beings.


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    • healingsword profile image

      Ann Wehrman 5 years ago from California

      Hi QudsiaP1,

      What a lovely comment; it's poetic in itself! What more could one ask for, indeed? Perhaps to spend eternity as lovers? Perhaps that our shared love will please God (in whatever form one experiences God)?

      Thank you again for reading my Hub!

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 5 years ago

      I love how you have managed to bring such grace to this poem; in all its simplicity it is beautiful and extraordinary. All any human being wants is but a mere touch; a mere memory that lasts them a lifetime and if they are lucky enough to be blessed with a beloved; what more could one ask for? Wonderfully done. :)

    • healingsword profile image

      Ann Wehrman 6 years ago from California

      Hi rjsadowski,

      You are so right; if we try, we can usually see/feel that love is present every day. Sometimes peoples' situations are too grim or terrible to feel it, but often people are in safe places, yet forget or don't realize they can find love by first centering themselves. Love can touch us through nature, our family, and more--not only the romantic love this poem discusses :-). Thanks for commenting on my writing!

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      Love has many faces.