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A Poem- The Tough Journey

Updated on November 29, 2011

It’s tough to follow, tough to see, tough to live through and tough to be.

Making notice, it’s me indeed; I’ve come to share my special seed.

Where shall I plant it, with you of course!

Just hide this for me, you’re my special source.

When confused or disarrayed, come find me we’ll see.

The source of the madness will no doubt eventually leave.

Are you sure it’s not you, because it’s surly not me.

Plant the seed in the dirt and the truth will be free.

Have no time to waste, are you ready or not?

Give me your all, give me your perfect shot.

We’ve played games to long, are you ready and sure.

This seed will grow, and it will give us plenty to score.

The time is now, no time to waste.

You’re in my heart and you’re fully encased.

Whatever is there, we will find out.

Don’t worry, will fix it, just have no doubt.

The road is tough you must be ready.

Grab my hand and hold it steady.

I will help you, I will show you, all you must complete.

The seed is planted will it grow or it will deplete.

Find more and more and give them this seed.

Trust me I know what they all surely need.

This road is tough to follow, tough to see, tough to live through, and tough to be.

Don’t fight me, I’m just here to share my special seed.

By KySmith

Usually I don't like to explain my poems, I usually like to leave you to imagine what you want but for this poem it has a special meaning to me.

As I explained before in one of my previous poems, I usually just start writing when something pops in my head. It's doesn't start off with a particular meaning. This poem just popped into and I started to understand it as I wrote it.

This poem is about God confronting someone. He is trying to plant a seed into their life. He wants to be the head of this persons life, and lead them to His heavenly place. Throughout the poem he explains to him the fact that this journey will not be easy. God tells him that through out this journey, things will be reveal and the truth will be set free. God tells him that they decide how the seed will grow by their reaction. He also tells them that he wants them to go out and plant the same seed in others so that they can go through the same journey and be lead to His heavenly place.

This poem really spoke to me saying it's time to get serious with God. There is no more time for playing games. He's coming soon and we need to be ready. We need to get others saved by telling them the good news.

I hope this poem helped or inspired someone. Thanks for reading! =)


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