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The know it all contest was tough

Updated on October 23, 2014
Hubpages Know it all contest
Hubpages Know it all contest | Source

The Q&A contest is my greatest challenge & I intend to win using mindful integrity & creativity

Important things to look out for in this hub:

1- Useful informative videos

2- Initial answer to the question asked by Ckimani, "As a writer/hubber what is your hardest challenge?"

3- Methods that work on hubpages to truly help & tackle such challenges

4- 'Bonus" The True Story about Success online & in life

My Initial response to the Question -

"Well to answer this question properly, it will actually take the writing of an entire hub in itself, and since the greatest challenge for me thus far on hubpages is to win the new Q&A contest, I figured what the heck, why not try to answer this question as the first of many I can crank out as some pretty in-depth answers."

This hub is truly my best shot at it all, now it will take some very detailed wording, and an in depth attempt to answer in full explanation as to the challenge of writing a single hub pose's to us all as hubpages writers, due to the dominant factors that writing a single hub doesn't just involve writing.

There's a great deal of hidden things going on behind the scene's of each an every persons computer screens, besides the fact of the words they choose to express in a single hub entry. Writing of titles is one thing, the usage of effective SEO in your writing of such titles is a whole other ball game indeed.

Quality hubs over quantity

Take some quick networking Polls -

Do you use social networks to get your hubs noticed

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Networking & huge challenges to get the word out

The truest challenges for most hubpages authors actually extends far beyond the hubpages network, and happens to arrive at the search engine end of the web. Networking also begins at many social avenues on the web, with the usage of the social networking elements such as; sharing features, buttons, web browser extensions, bookmarklet's and many more.

Many of the sharing features I've just mentioned, are built into these social networks many people have chose to share their precious info onto, and on a daily basis for those addicted or working their efforts to share their digital works.

The major Importance of the initial publishing of a hub, and keeping track of all the feedback it may receive-

  • A very important thing to know and remember, is that every single hub you choose to publish, will first get its initial boost of viewers, from the community here at hubpages, from your list of active fans and especially from those users in the community seeking your info's relevance via the hubpages feed, and as soon as its released so be mindful of that part during its first responses it may receive, if any at all,
  • Now if they leave feedback for you, and your still logged into your account keep alert to respond to such, which should be an insightful response, this alerts others who may be interested further in communicating with your hubs as well.

Thanks to hubpages though, there's a vast amount of tutorials, help guides, people willing to go out of their way to help you daily, nightly, and from all around the globe with the basic assessment, and full understanding of the networking efforts that we as hubpages writers need to make daily.

This understanding is paramount, in helping many of our hubs to get any chances at becoming known elsewhere outside of hubpages, besides the SEO stuff which many have argued here isn't of much effect, but I beg to differ.

It's not so obvious at first how the networking thing is all done on hubpages, but as time goes along and each new user begins to learn the ropes, it becomes obvious that there's a great deal of resources available on hubpages to get the job done, when it comes to the visibility of a single hub published, and making much more effective communications amongst the community here.

Traffic Polls

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Web Traffic and Reasearch - is it really that hard

The whole traffic game here at hubpages is definitely not an easy thing to master, mainly because we're all depending on the search engines to respond to our hubs once it gets released to the public, and onto the search engines after publishing. The keyword thing makes it tough as well, because not everyone is fully versed in the art of writing much more effective keywords, and not everyone knows how to research whats the best trending keywords at the time, nor do they all know of the resources to gain such accessibility.

Researching onto the web to find great information helps, but the other challenge comes in where the individual is faced with having to write something original as opposed to an imitation copy, which hubpages strongly frowns upon, as well as that of overly promotional hub writing. So many people who join hubpages, and those veterans also face the temptation to do the wrong things when they either run out of idea's to utilize or simply give in to trying to sell themselves to much.

This is something that isn't easily preventable at first, because many people are so use to blogging, and to sharing only what interest them so much, and definitely that of their own business if that is what they're truly into 24-7, and all of their time they spend in their active lives.

Come on folks lets show hubpages how much we all know

The drawing board may be blank at times, but given enough effort & you never know what you'll come up with on Hubpages

Authors of Originality

Being original is yet another challenge posed to many authors of hubpages, because as they read along after maybe noticing the whole accolades thing for the very first time, many people get motivated to attempt at such a feat if anything at all, by trying to share comments, ask questions in a furious flurry many times.

I must admit, I've even done it when I first joined hubpages to try to attain 100 questions asked, which was still tough to say the least , but its not recommended because everything you do will be heavily scanned and scrutinized by the hubpages averaging systems (Hubpages scoring system) here that they have in place.

This sort of law of averages on hubpages or the hub scoring system for hubs and hub profiles, actually renders many hubs and hub accounts unreachable at times. That can be seen by hitting the Hubbers link above, it will lead you to all the hubbers in hubber score order.

So this also means that if your hubs as well as overall hubber score on hubpages is much lower especially below 90, it will land you as well as your hubs, in a sort of no mans land sort of speak, and that just makes your hubs much harder to locate in the system here, as well as alerts to the search engines and vice verse's of what to position higher on their page ranking systems as well whether it be Google, Yahoo, or Bing or any others.

Dollars & Cents revenue stream

The whole money pit thing & facing unreal expectations

Earnings isn't much of a challenge to me on hubpages, because that wasn't my primary purpose and goal to become a writer on this network. I actually came here to share all of my knowledge I have recently gained about the whole cloud computing arena, and to my surprise I discovered a whole new way to learn for myself in the very beginning weeks.

Currently I've established myself in this community as someone who can help anyone with almost anything, and my learning process has quadrupled, since I have so many sources of great info to choose from in a single place on the web, and not arriving to me from no bot search field neither, hubpages is direct connection to industry experts who chose to make this place a digital home of their own.

Spam is something that many people have no clue as to the rules on hubpages, and everyone here must know what is considered spam, overly promotional, and what isn't considered as such, so if you didn't check out that video above, you just might wanna give it a try, because this is the single most important factor of what not to do on hubpages. Many hubpages members have tried to spam here, and none have succeeded, and I say none making them obsolete, and no matter how many hubs they've written.

The founders and staff of hubpages is serious when it comes to intentional infractions of the magnitude of being overly promotional, and its clearly becoming a not so obvious personal challenge that many new comers have, and even veteran's of hubpages that fail at tackling or conquering such a terrifying condition as self promotions, "The temptation to advertise their own stuff far to much, will always be a challenge, due to it being part of human nature, and a factor of survival for most whom appear desperate."

Seeking Expert Knowlegde, over looking to earn it big

So my quest to find the best experts in the hubpages world is why I scan daily through the questions sections, and through the forums, as well as all the reading I conduct here. So see the money thing will come in due time, I think the sharing factors can contest to that, forget about the worrying about the slowness of revenue earned or the high expectations of making it fast, because its only going to come in due time, and after true valiant efforts of trying to make your hubs have great quality over quantity.

Don't get me wrong, I also feel that money is important, but I wholeheartedly feel that it isn't everything. Quite frankly if people deserve whats coming to them in the forms of receiving revenue stream, it will surely arrive in due time after hard earned efforts, and no matter which way you decide to approach it all, as long as you remain determined to accomplish your goals or clear and concise objectives.

How is it done on this digital platform known as hubpages? one might ask.

My best answer is all that I've pointed out above and all throughout this entire hub, and simply by working diligently, steady but intense drive, determination, being consistent, having a burning desire to succeed, and punctuality (showing up for the game), doing these things will surely arrive us all ultimately at our final destinations, from initial departure to arrival. Success happens after rendering such activities no matter if its on hubpages, or in everyday life as a writer or in any profession for that matter.

Secrets to success on hubpages & beyond in conclusion

Planning is definitely key to the equations of success, as well as the proper execution of active rightful knowledge, and so therefore that's why there's always going to be the subject matter expert, and that of the extreme opposite the novice also known as the amateur.

If your having troubles trying to play the role of the expert on hubpages or elsewhere, that may be because of the lack of experience in that particular field, and maybe that person needs to do some ample studying, learning, research, and a full experienced living of that factor of life prior to attempting to display such a thing for others to read from, because the true expert always knows best in life of balance and discipline in what they know, also by having much more subject matter to offer to people in great detail.

My elders use to always tell me that experience is the only true teacher, when it comes to anything, mostly all other forms of knowledge are prerequisite to that of true active wisdom and understanding. I actually learned something from an older man in his mid 70's, while on a college trip to a convention many years back for civil engineering, while I was a member of the national society for black engineers, and I'll never forget that day on that long bus ride to Nashville Tennessee.

On that long 14 hour bus ride, an old man told me all about knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, now I live by those words he delivered to me till this very day, and throughout everything I choose to pursue in my life. "True Success" is found after you have fully activated what wisdom you've gained, and thus breaking down the barriers of any fears or that of personal challenges you may be faced with, because knowledge alone is inactive unless you learn to apply it. Over time though, that same knowledge one has gained becomes useful to them, only as their learned experiences begin to compile and amount in both volume as well as capacity, hence the term wisdom gained or earned.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for stopping by @Xstatic, yes its a tough question I attempted here to answer but I think there's truly so many challenges, I wish I had more time to explain it all. Hopefully it helps folks to understand that hubpages is not your ordinary writing network, and takes self examination of what it is your getting across to the readers, besides trying to earn a quick buck.

      All the tooling we have at our disposal as online writers today is simply amazing, and the technical stuff in place is pretty much standard on the web today, hubpages definitely has their own methods of approaching it all.

      Your more than welcome to return anytime, I'll be visiting your hubs soon as well, I got a great deal of work at hand, due to the contest being fully active at the moment. See ya soon!!

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 

      6 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Wow! A world of information, great graphics, some videos I want to go back and watch, this Hub seems to have it all.


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