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The Treasure of An Ordinary Man

Updated on May 28, 2009

Everyman has a unique treasure of his own which he values above anything in this world. Treasures vary from one person to another according to that person’s background, family which he originates from, and society in which he grew up in. So if I had to leave this earth grudgingly, what would be the fortune that I’d leave behind for my family to commemorate and apprize for the rest of their lives?

As we go through life, we make memories of our own and so; “Every man’s memory is his private literature.” Thus, we must treasure every single moment with our family since life is too short and no one really knows when he or she would die. Don’t you just agree with me?

One wise man once said; “Recollection is the only paradise from which we can not be turned out.” For an instance, when a person faces loads of obstacles in his life, or when life seems gloomy and everyone has let him down, he goes back to his past digging deep for greatest and happiest memories that he shared with his family and treasured ones. This is what the wise man means when he says the only paradise from which we can’t be turned out. If I had to depart this life, I’d leave my photo album to my family, because it contains lots of unique and irreplaceable moments that we shared together as one solid satisfied family. I’ would want them to cherish and enjoy these moments for eternity, remember all what we have gone through, and look up for the bright and happy future because I can’t withstand seeing them scared or miserable. I’d also want to leave my guitar and music book, which my eldest sister left for me when she traveled abroad because it contains lots of experiences, sad and happy moments that she spent by my side. I remember listening to her playing the guitar which was such an inspiration when I had none. The third item that I’d leave behind is my father’s watch that he inherited from my grandfather. It contains a photo of the most person I adore and respect in my life; my mother. Being just an ordinary person, I would want my family especially the youngsters to understand and value of the legacy that our grandparents have left behind for us to commemorate. The watch means a lot because it has shared each generation its pains and happy moments as well.

As a conclusion, every man has a treasure of memories and objects of his own. Yet, I advice you all to take advantage of this short life that you have on earth and try to enjoy its ups and downs and make the best of it with your family. Will you?


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