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The Trees Discourse for Us

Updated on August 16, 2013
Date Palm
Date Palm

The trees discourse for us, they stand

And teach. How would you live, O man?

Bear fruit like me, and you'll be grand.

Yes, you will stand, while wind does fan

Away the chaff. Would you be chaff

Sent far away, laid under ban?

The choice is clear, yet chaff can laugh

And then can ridicule anon.

There are those chaff that have a staff,

Yea, many friends. They carry on.

Why then should I try like a tree

To bear good fruit? Is that a con?

First Psalm says, No. Displayed will be

The clear end of each life, be they

Fruit tree or chaff. Tis' sure you'll see.

Longwood House, Napoleon's Residence on St. Helena
Longwood House, Napoleon's Residence on St. Helena

Sometimes we wait. Did they not say

Napoleon would last? He frowned

Across that channel, holding sway!

Indeed, did he not reign, self-crowned

As Emperor of France. Oh yes,

But now they've built the Lion Mound.

And now we've heard of his distress.

The rock of St. Helena--there

They placed him under such duress.

And on that rock he had a care

To speak of Jesus Christ as great

Beyond great generals--beware.

Return, ye that have strayed to mate

With cocky man's philosophy.

You'll end up wounded in your pate,

As one resisting God--be free,

Pray God to open up your eyes,

Know Christ is Lord continually.


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