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The True Mystics

Updated on October 19, 2012

The King of Mystics

Thr True Mystics

One who sees through the deep and dark beyond

Having enchanting eyes they sing sweet songs

What their voices vibrate will make others fond

Carefully they try to correct all the wrongs

One with the cosmos they will care for all

Generous and graceful are their true ways

Soft and subtle is their kind loving call

Thoughtfully they guide others all their days

Conquers of life’s lust anger and greed

They help others to escape hells three gates

They shine so bright in life they will succeed

Formidable champions of the good fates

Showing others what it takes to be real

Leaders who possess a clear and calm mind

They do not just react to how they feel

They take the time and are patient and kind

By Darrell A. Roberts

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this poem. The goal of this poem is to promote the idea of controlling the mind so that it does not lead us on the path of lust, greed and anger (three gates t hell). This poem is also to describe some of the qualities of a mystic according to what I have learned.

I hope you have a great day!


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