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The True Story of Coin Spirit

Updated on January 21, 2015

A Malaysian Chinese Story

Being on the adolescent stage, we always tend to make mistake. But the mistake my uncle committed was no ordinary mistake. Its consequence haunts him for the whole lifetime, even till now.

The story sets back in the year 1980 in Malaysia, a multicultural country. My uncle was only in his 20's at that time. The Chinese has its own belief about spirits and apparitions and it is always considered that there are many mediums to be used for communication to be done between the two realms - the live and the dead. There are a lot of complicated rituals. One of the most common method is by playing the spirit of the coin.


My uncle always did not believe in the supernatural existence. One night, while he and his friends were drinking, one of them randomly gave out the idea of trying out the spirit of the coin. Everyone agreed to that idea without any second thought. That's always how people roll when they are young.

So, five of them prepared everything they required and went to an abandoned house which they later found. Basically, to play this game, you will need a candle - to enable vision in the dark, a coin, a pen and a paper. The method is similar to the Ouija Board. The paper will be written digits and alphabets - but in this case, Chinese characters were written.

All of them sat in a circle with the paper in the center. One of them who knew the ritual called out the spirit of the coin to gather with them. Everyone had a slight goosebumps and so they asked whether the spirit is present with them. The coin slowly moved to YES. They asked a lot of questions about the ghost at first, then regarding the future - Who is my wife? Is she pretty? When will I get married?. My uncle was rather a joker. He instead asked '' Are you real?'' The coin again moved to YES. He then replied '' If you are indeed real, give me a lottery number. If I win, I will marry you.''. So, the coin accepted his challenge and gave him four numbers. This was his biggest mistake in his life.

When the lottery results came out, it turned out that the number only got him a consolation prize which only worth a few hundreds. He was convinced that the spirit of the coin was just the movement by five of them. They just got lucky. If there is a real ghost, then he would have won the first prize instead. But he was wrong.

That night, he had a weird dream. There was this young girl in the dream whom he had never met before. She told him that it's time for their marriage. He was sure that he had never known that girl. But not for long.

Later, things got worse. It seemed that he would dream of the girl every night. Slowly, dreams were turned into nightmares. He was threatened that if the marriage is not being done, then she shall take his soul as repayment instead.


The next year, my uncle was admitted to the asylum. He lost his consciousness. Nightmares and realities were mixed up. The girl was always threatening him in his mind and it drove him insane. It took a few years for him to be discharged from the asylum. It was when he finally gave in.

There was a place that he felt the urge of going. It was a place that he never went before. But to his surprise, he knew the route. He came to a small house, where it contained an old couple. It was the parents of the ghost! The picture of the girl placed in the altar was exactly similar to his dream's. They then arrange the marriage of the two and the altar was then moved to the house of my uncle. An awkward marriage..


Several years later, my uncle stumbled upon a beautiful lady - live one. Both of them fall for each other, but the only problem was that my uncle was married! It was a complicated situation. To try sort things out, my uncle tried to ask for his ghostly wife's consent and fortunately, it appears in his dream that she consented to his another marriage. Despite that, my aunt - the current uncle's wife - always felt that there was presence in the house especially in the bedroom. There were always shadowy figures and she could also listen to the sound of mahjong sometimes - a chinese gambling game.

Things have gotten stable now with both his wives. However, it is still creepy that as it turns out, his elder son resembles the dead wife. Other than that, things are quite normal. My uncle now leads a simple life with both his wives and three children.


We should never try any of the spirit game out of curiosity. It can lead to a very serious consequence, even death, if it is not handled well. The supernatural existence is something that we do not have much knowledge about and there is not much we can do to help ourselves if things do happen.

Have you tried any?

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Do you have any ghastly encounter? If so, do share with us!


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    • RC Zephron profile imageAUTHOR

      RC Zephron 

      3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Dip Mtra! Have a nice day! :)

    • Dip Mtra profile image

      Dip Mtra 

      3 years ago from World Citizen

      Interesting hub. Voted up. Will follow future hubs.


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