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The Truth as It Is Not as You Like It

Updated on November 30, 2017

Nothing is What You Want to Believe it is

Here's the truth about love.

The second you're looking for a way out you've already found it.

Once you have found that out, lock the door behind you.

And when you find a love that balances you out, it is time to end it.

You deserve a love that makes you shine brighter than any ray of light, not dull you into a candle flicker.

One day you'll wake up and finally realize that you do not need a single person on this earth.

Maybe that person you've always needed, you just wanted.

Should you ever feel unwanted, know exactly where you can find a home.

If that home ever feels vacant, and you can't find the fill to that void you speak so much about then maybe it's time you start looking.

You have yet to realize that your appearance is truly intriguing to everyone but yourself, and maybe that's why you can't seem to see things clearly anymore.

Your blindness to the emotions around you has served as a shield against the world for so many years, but it can no longer protect you from every situation you've gotten yourself into.

You do not get to decide what happens to you but you sure do have a say in the path that you chose to take to get to the wreckage you are today.

And while you sit there, scavenging for any thing that might make you at least feel something for once, instead of this blackhole that's been surrounding you, it's time that you realize something.

Love is not a person.

You deserve more than someone. You deserve yourself.

There is not a single person on this earth that can make you feel as good as you can feel all on your own.

Love is something that you feel by yourself, for yourself. You can be in love with several places, cultures, and lives, but it all adds up to just be measured by how you can feel about yourself.

Love is you. You are love. And no one can ever take that away from you.


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