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The Tub Flash Fiction

Updated on June 27, 2016

The Tub

He ran his 1976 Gran Torino over the wooden arm of the sofa and ramped it down on to the carpet. With his right hand he held a yellow checkered cab which substituted as a police cruiser. The original police cruiser had been left in the sandbox some time ago. It still saddened him but the taxi was doing just fine. He scurried across the living room floor Hot Wheels in hand reliving the chase he"d watched on tv over the weekend. Suddenly he felt a burning coming from his right knee. He drooped his toys and lifted up his pant leg only to find a fresh rug burn wound. Tears began to well up in his eyes but just as he was about to cry out he noticed the commotion in the hallway.

The next door neighbor Lali was standing at the bottom of the stairs holding her grandma who held her with one arm while the other one cupped her own mouth. They were both looking up the stairs in what seemed to him like terror. He ran up to them to see what was going on but was shuttled outside by Lali at her grandmothers direction. He liked Lali. She was twice his age but she always played with him. She was nice and she smelled really good. She even smelt better than mom. He anxiously looked over his shoulder as he walked hand in hand with her. He hoped his mom was ok. He felt a little guilty. They reached the playground in the central plaza of the complex they lived in and Lali tagged him. " You're it!"

They played tag for what seemed like to him a good while. They both sat on the swings to catch there breath when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he caught a glint of something in the sand beneath his feet. He quickly jumped off the swing and dug out his cruiser! This had to of been the happiest moment of his life! As If in a dream he heard a siren. He looked at the car in his hand confused when suddenly he realized that there actually was a siren. Lali grabbed him by the hand and tried leading him away but he'd have none of it. Not this time.The siren got louder as an ambulance pulled into the parking lot. His door opened and Lali's mom came running out waving frantically towards the ambulance. Mom he thought.

He followed the paramedics into the house but was stopped at the door by one of the ladies. At this point he didn't know who and didn't care. He just wanted to see his mom. He struggled as best he could but was carried away crying next door. He was left on a bed in a room being held by Lali. He cried himself to sleep. His last thought before drifting off was that Lali sure did smell good. He felt guilty again.

He woke not knowing where he was. As the fear subsided he remembered. He looked over to see Lali soundly asleep beside him and for a moment he was lost but then it all came back again. Mom. He gently crawled off the bed and tiptoed down the stairs to the back door. He had never been outside after dark before but this was different, Full of fear and anxiety knee burning he opened the door. He crossed the yard to his door thinking how cool and damp the grass felt on his bare feet. He didn't want to make a mess of the carpet. His mom would have to clean. His dad would be mad. He opened the door and walked in. It was dark except for a dim light coming down from upstairs. He wiped his feet on the front rug and walked towards the stairs.

He had never been so scared as he was at this moment. He walked up the stairs towards the light. As he walked up he flinched at the 3 holes in the stairwell. He hated those holes. Even more than the one in the bathroom or the other ones in the bedrooms. It was the bathroom light that was on. The door was slightly ajar. he pushed it open. He could hear a drip. It was coming from the tub. The curtain was drawn. He grabbed hold of the curtain. He pulled it open.


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