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The "Twilight" Phenomenon...How it's Infiltrating the System

Updated on August 20, 2011

Effects of the New Trend

What's Going On?

I confess, when the first "Twilight" book made the bestseller list, I only thought the story would appeal to the teenage crowd. Then I started noticing more and more people taking interest in the stories, from busy mothers to Starbucks Coffee Managers, and beyond.

So what's happening? Could it be that it's not just a good, quick read for people wanting to escape the chaos of everyday, but rather an innovative creation that's getting more and more people to simply READ.

Beyond the Bestseller List

After the huge "Twilight" success, the whole 'vampire' concept spilled over different literary genres. My personal favorite is the rewriting of the classics, using timeless heros and heroines and making them the undead.

Admittedly, I only read the first of Meyer's books. Even so, I've come across some incredibly interesting adaptations using well-known novels and adding a new twist to the plot.


Now, for the Jane Austen fans, there has been numerous new versions of her beloved novels. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Seth Grahame-Smith), Jane Bites Back (Michael Thomas Ford), are two of my personal favorites. But there are many more out there. And it's no longer just Elizabeth Bennet and Marianne Dashwood who are battling the walking dead. Now one of America's most notable Presidents' is fighting off the bloodsuckers...Abraham Lincoln!

Again, the newer stories keep showing up on popular reading lists. But can devoted readers to the originals really be upset by what's happening to their adored classics?

The Benefits

Sure, I love the 'real' stories. Even so, it's very curious to see so many people reading and rereading the novels because of the newly inspired books and plot lines.


Arguably, you could say that due to the "Twilight" phenomenon, more people are beginning to read again. By no means am I suggesting that there was ever a time when it was unpopular, but actually seeing people reading in cafes, talking about the books with family, friends, even complete strangers, the effect is more than just obvious. Younger audiences as well as mature audiences are starting to have more and more interests in common, all starting with ONE book.

Could anyone have really predicted this cause and effect? Perhaps. But nevertheless, it cannot be denied that one book, that one idea, caused such a literary stir, a newer trend, that got peoples' attentions, and brought more readers back to the joy of fiction.


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    • profile image

      RadioMan86 7 years ago

      Everywhere I turn, someone is reading one of those books...but at least they're reading!

    • USMCwifey09 profile image

      USMCwifey09 7 years ago

      How right you are...

    • Petra Vlah profile image

      Petra Vlah 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      As long as people are reading again, I don't even care what they read, where, when and why. The TV and the internet have kept many people away from the pleasure of holding a book in their hands and emerging themselves into a world of beauty