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The Two Kinds of Professional Writers .

Updated on December 26, 2013

The two kinds of professional writers

Every piece of writing is an extension of the writer . You are able to tell the personality of the writer just by reading their scripts as this reflects through their work . From researching on their topic to developing the final work for publishing , the way most professional writers go about their work is largely influenced by their individual lifestyle and personality . Two main kinds of professional writers can be noticed especially when it comes to the researching aspect of writing .

The sociable kind of writer .

When researching on their work , the outgoing person or writer usually prefers to gather ideas and information mainly through discussions and interviewing . Naturally , they love to spend time with people and they involve people in their research in a way to fuse their work with their social life . Their writing reflects their personality - they write the same way as they speak . Their scripts turn to be more engaging . As they talk to people often in their research , they are usually very good with holding the attention of their readers and involve them more when it comes exploratory topics such as political analysis , literary criticisms , essays of opinions etc .

They have a very good sense of humor and therefore do well with comedy writing . They are also very good with writing prose which requires ordinary grammatical structure and natural flow of speech .

They asocial kind of writer

Most writers also prefer to subjecting themselves to a kind of prolonged isolation to enable deep thinking or contemplation of their ideas . Writers in this category usually gather information for their materials through reading novels , news paper , magazines etc . They naturally love to read and this particular way of researching on their topic allows them to fuse their passion with work to make it exciting . They sometimes gather information by listening to news , and talk shows as well .

They are very good with the skillful use of words especially in describing very abstract ideas . However , their withdrawn character reflects in most of their writing and their expression of ideas may seem so abstract to most readers except the few that may share their views . Their descriptions and examples with certain topics could turn out to be so out of touch with the people and reality . Nevertheless , they are quiet imaginative and very good when it comes to writing fiction/science fiction stories , myths , narratives , legends , tragedy or other writings that carry a serious tone etc . They are also very good with writings that have a rhythmic structure such poems , songs etc . The asocial researcher may have a poor taste of humor .

Most professional writers are able to combine the two personalities in their research and writing process . Knowing about the two kinds of professional writers and which category you fall in will help you to learn what topics you will do best writing . You will be able to enjoy your work when you choose the one that reflects your personality and that in some way allows you to see writing as a hobby . You can also learn to apply both methods in your research and writing process .

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    • bluestandish profile image

      bluestandish 6 years ago

      thanks for the encouragement Simplicity4All . I will be publishing more related articles .

    • Simplicity4All profile image

      Simplicity4All 6 years ago from Rhode Island, USA

      Very helpful and easy to comprehend voted up and stuff! Thanks! :D