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Recovering From Your Abuse

Updated on April 16, 2016

The day you put your hands on me, my body spun to land on a cold metal stair frame
Blood filled my mouth, as stars spun around my skull, and tears stung my open wound
You promised to care and love, yet something deep in you was filled with hate
Grabbing my arms, you dragged me in, and so it begins, the abuse.

Laying in the snow, I recall the cold on the flesh, chills ran deep from inside
How you left me to lay, alone in the dark, like an unloved wet dog
It is hard to grasp at the reasons and excuses you found, to better your wrong into right
The nose beginning to swell, my lip burning, I could feel myself slip into a welcoming fog

Year after year, it all began to add up, the abuse was becoming your second nature
While taking it as a part of who I allowed, or you created, not sure how that became
But my smile faded, my giggle no longer existed, I slumped while the eyes sunk in like craters
Still here I sit, writing these memories, thinking back how dare you, without an ounce of hate.

A hate that fills you, will never touch my soul, for you taught me a great lesson for mankind
It's not hard to figure out, that the pain that landed on me, will never be given to another
You silenced me with fear, shut me in like a caged animal, but I cut loose and I'm fine
To abuse another, is not a hold you have on me, that's not a part of my over you recovery.


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