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The Ultimate Secret To Successful Web Publishing

Updated on July 19, 2008

Although web publishers are a relative newcomer to the world of careers, it does not mean that they are immune from following the time-honored hallmarks of business since time immemorial. It would serve the web publishers of today to learn the lessons from the past since they are just as applicable now in the modern online world of electronic instantaneous communication and gratification as they ever were in the horse and buggy era.

The process of self-promotion is as old as the oldest profession and in the world of commercialization there is almost nothing that ever changes from era to era. The cosmetic and aesthetic factors may change but the bottom line is always to sell, sell, sell. In any business whether it be bricks and mortar or an ethereal online business run out of someone's spare bedroom, these factors are always critical to the success or failure of the enterprise:

  • Business skills, experience, and abilities
  • Competition
  • Experience of founders and leadership team
  • Funding
  • Market demographics
  • Product development: time, capital, etc.
  • Proof of concept: business and product
  • Type or nature of the product/technology/service (the "product")

The various ways in which commercial success can be accomplished can contain any of these, and usually, the more the better:

  • Joint ventures
  • Licensing of technology
  • Sale of products or services
  • Sale of technology
  • Strategic alliances

These relationships have to be nurtured and maintained. As soon as any businessperson begins to disregard the importance of these concepts it usually marks the beginning of the downward spiral of that business.

There is no right way or wrong way to do business. Everything is flexible, and what will work perfectly well in one industry will hopelessly fail in another. There are some factors which go into each and every calculation of business success and they are profound understandings and implementation in the organic business environment of:

  • Capital
  • Distribution
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Industry
  • Market barriers
  • Nature of competition
  • Type of business (growth or lifestyle)

No matter what you are trying to market online or off, the bottom line is always that there has to be someone out there willing and able to pay you in exchange for that product or service. Market research does not have to be conducted by expensive downtown agencies. It can also be performed by the individual web site owner and publisher in order to:

  • Define the opportunity
  • Identify the characteristics of that market
  • Pitch and promote
  • Position the product as "the answer"
  • Target the market with the most potential

Web publishing comes down to a very simple concept of marketing: Getting the best exposure you can and lots of it. No matter what you are selling the more people know about it, especially if they are in the group which has sufficient interest in your product and the disposable income to purchase it, then the better off your bottom line will be.

Web publishing is sales stripped down to its essence. It is the process of facilitating buyers into your environment from other related environments so you can close the deal.

Salespeople sell. That is what they do. And a web publisher is just a salesperson stripped of his catalog and ill-fitting suit and exchanged for an electronic worldwide pitcher who may be working in his shorts on his kitchen table. On the internet even the smallest one person operation can compete with the big guys with the huge budgets as it is still a matter of which company has the smartest, savviest and quickest salespeople. One great salesperson can outsell a hundred mediocre ones. If your philosophy as a web publisher is to pattern yourself after the all time great salespeople, and if your product is one built on quality and responsibility, then there is no obstacle that can stand in your way.



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