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Selling Comics - Buy The Ultimates Comic Books

Updated on October 27, 2010

The Ultimates Superhero Team

The Ultimates is a superhero team that Marvel comics created in 2002, making the comic fairly young in terms of popular comics (and yes, The Ultimates are one of the most popular comic books). The comic book superhero team is actually a modern version of The Avengers, which was first published in 1963.

There are four editions of The Ultimates comics that each have their own plots.

  • The Ultimates- (13 issues; 2002) General Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. gathers Captain America, Giant Man, Wasp, the Hulk, and Iron Man. The series has many subplot to include the Hulk's rampage; joining forces with other metahumans; and joing forces with mutants to defeat the bad guys.
  • The Ultimates 2- (13 issues; limited series; 2004-2007) Many subplots are within this edition to include the Hulk going on a killing spree; Thor gets incarcerated; Loki creates a team of anti-American multi-nationals called the Liberators; and The Ultimates get captured then defeat the Liberators.
  • The Ultimates 3- (5 issues; 2008) In this series Hank Pym is kept house-bound; his robots drug him and leak Iron Man's sex tape; Magneto steals Wanda's corpse; the identity of YellowJacket is uncovered; and Doctor Doom is revealed as the mastermind behind the android plot.
  • New Ultimates- (2010) The subplots for this series include the Ultimate Defenders with superpowers; Hela releases Thor in exchange for a son; and Loki has an army of monsters.

Each series has many comics that are great for any collection of comic books. With the full series on your shelf, you're definitely on your way to owning a great collection.

Selling Comic Books

If you've decided that you want to sell your collection of comic books, or you are just trying to get rid of a few extras, make sure that you know the best way to sell you comics in order to get the most for money for what you have available.

Depending on what type of collector you are, you may be more willing to just sell your comics to the first person who is willing to give you some cash, but you may be the obsessive comic book collector who views his collection as a piece of history. Some collectors are able to put their comic books up for sale without a second thought, whereas others are more careful as to which comics they sell and how they go about selling them.

If you go about selling the right way, you can make a good chunk of change, especially if you sell your comic books per collection and series versus just one at a time.

When selling comic books be patient and know your stuff.

First know where the best places are for selling your comic books- comic book stores, online auction websites like eBay, Heritage Auctions, Pacific Comic Exchange Inc, other comic book collectors, and comic book conventions. These are the best places to get the most for your money. If you're just trying to get rid of your boxes of comic books to clean up house, you can do a quick sell at a pawn shop or yard sale; if you're trying to make the most from your collection, I wouldn't go for these two options as you'll have to barter and sell for cheaper than the collection is probably worth.

When selling comics, you want to make sure that you know what they are worth, or at least have an idea. You want to do some research on your comics. Know the published number of the book, when the book was published, who the author was, and check to see what other collectors are selling the edition for.

If you decide to sell to a comic book store, set up your sell as a consignment contract because you'll find that most shops won't be able to give you a good deal because they will have to make a profit on your comics too. By setting up a consignment contract, the store will sell the comic book for you, and they'll just take a percent of the sell. For example, instead of the comic book shop buying one comic for about $10 then selling it for $20, have the shop sell the book for $20 and let them take 15%, which means instead of making $10, you'll make $17.

If you decide to sell online, make sure that you check the internet and various auction sites to see what other collectors are selling the same comic book for. Make sure to compare condition of the ones you're finding for sale and the one that you have. This will give you the best idea as to what you can expect to get back from your sell. You may decide to hold on to the comic book to see if the market will get better, causing the value to increase.

If you think that your comic book or entire series is valuable, you want to go to the place that will earn you the most revenue. For limited editions, mint condition books, and rare comic books, check to see what Heritage Auctions and Pacific Comic Exchange, Inc. will offer for your comics.

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