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The Unique Inscription

Updated on March 1, 2017

The glass is half full

I say,"The glass is half empty"

Optimism is for the air

But world gaze at me with pity

While the sun rule

I dream and snore

The night is always mine

Stars wait at my door

Words that are granted

Rip my heart with grace

They utter and move on

I burn with stormy trace

Conclude about phony

Not about me for God's sake

I am still inscribing my existence

In my favorite heaven's lake


Copyright 2017


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    • Araaz profile image

      Umme Salma 6 months ago from Ohio,USA

      @Luke Holm exactly..:)

    • threekeys profile image

      ThreeKeys 6 months ago from Australia

      There's a need for the glass half full, the glass half empty and that there is a glass at all.

      I wish I could in one way be like you where what others think of you doesn't matter. Relationships that are about conflict and mistrust are very exhausting to have and waste so much precious time. Time is a finite resource.

    • Luke Holm profile image

      Luke Holm 6 months ago

      If I understand your narrative poem correctly, you are indicating that while the world may see you as a pessimist, you don't care for labels and will continue on with your passions regardless of their judgement?