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The Unknown Soldier

Updated on May 10, 2013

Lost Soldiers

Far away in an unmarked grave,

I lie eternally with mine enemies,

just because I tried to be brave.

I rest with strangers in a foreign land,

far from loved ones,

who struggle to understand.

My family mourns my lost soul

they search for answers.

while friends help by trying to console.

Will you bring me home?

though I fought and died for all.

you continue to let my spirit roam.

I seek comfort and serenity.

in the place I call my heartland.

please let me rest in peace with dignity.

I am the Unknown Soldier

and maybe I died in vain.

Yet, if I were alive today and my country called,

I would do it all over again.


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    • naturalife profile image

      O William 4 years ago

      A sad reality of those man and woman who fought in wars forced by leaders of nations. Thank you for sharing.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 4 years ago from United States

      A sad reminder of those who gave their lives on foreign soils in the service of their country. Thank you for sharing this poignant work. whonu